Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chikara Upcoming Events

in Reading, PA
"New Star Navigation"
in Barnesville, PA
"Battle of Who Could Care Less"
in Reading, PA
November 16, 2007
"The Sordid Perils of Everyday Existence"
in Hellertown, PA
November 17, 2007
"Chapter 11"
in Philadelphia, PA
November 18, 2007

Championship Wrestling Card for 10-13-07 in Greenville, TN

Championship Wrestling
Saturday, October 13, 2007
Greeneville, TN
Eastview Rec Center
8:00 p.m. Bell Time

***Main Event***
Championship Wrestling TV Title Match
Street Fight Rules - Anything Goes
Greeneville's Own Thorn w/Kandy (c) vs."Mister Wrestling" Adam York

Tag Team Challenge
"Tennessee Redneck" Chris Richards & John Hawkins
"Sensational" Wayne Adkins & Marty Ricker

Non-Title Match
National Heavyweight Champion, Big Steve Fury
Tony "The Dragon" Givens w/Moe Jenkins

Best of the Best Rematch
"High Risk" Robbie Cassidy vs."Notorious" Nick Hammonds

"Handsome" Beau James vs. "The Anti-Hero" Bryan Wayne w/John Hawkins

"The Blackanese Assassin" Menace vs. The Mysterious Ginn

*Card Subject to Change*

Ticket Information
Adults - $8
Kids under 12 & under - $6

Venue Information
Eastview Rec Center
456 East Bernard Ave.
Greeneville, TN

ASWF Benefit Show 10-05-07 in Walnut Ridge, AR


Wrestle Birmingham
Jake "The Snake" Roberts
Tito Santana
and Much More!
Saturday, October 20, 2007
Boutwell Auditorium
Birmingham, AL

TNA in Birmingham 10-11-07

TNA Wrestling
In Association with Wrestle Birmingham
Bound For Glory Live Tour
October 11, 2007
7:00 P.M.
Zamora Shrine Temple
Birmingham, AL

NIWA Match Results from 9-29-07 in Union City, TN

In the opening match, Too Kool 2 (playing the part of the babyfaces) defeated Derrick King and Dustin "Five" Star with Tim and Flex combining for a double-team move that looked like a combo of a body slam/diamond cutter. TK2 left right after their match for Evansville. Not sure what type of card they are on up there but apparently they are booked for tomorrow or something. This match could have been a main event anywhere in this area and was worth 3 1/2 stars in my opinion.

In the second bout, a skinny guy in a robe (didn't catch his name) defeated Gaylon Ray after the skinny guy's manager hit him with her high heeled shoe. Funny spot at the end as the lady was on the ring apron to hit Gaylon Ray off an Irish whip. He ran in too fast and knocked her into the front row.

In the third match, Tat2 defeated Tim Alonzo with a frog-splash. Match had some high points but was full of botched spots and some way off targets kicks that were sold.

Match No. 4 had Kilo defeating Mark Justice with a super kick. Kilo carried the match. In my humble opinion if he would work on his "look" and muscle tone he could make a living wrestling every night of the week somewhere.

In the main event, Jerry Lynn defeated "All" That Allen Steele. The music guy played "Can't Touch This" by M.C. Hammer as Steele came out and berated him for playing that as his music. Then he said Jerry Lynn wasn't man enough to take him on and off course JL came out and it was on. Lynn played the part of the beaten down Ricky Morton-style babyface and the crowd was hot for this match. Finish saw Lynn winning with a sunset flip.

Credit: BT @

TLCW Match Results from 9-29-07 in Ripley, TN

Cody Melton defeated Alex Krisis.

Tommy Redneck defeated Shannon Lee.

Naughty by Nature defeated Maxx Corbin & Jerry Weezy.

Tucker defeated Chris Lexx.

Dustin "5" Starr defeated Tatt2.

Alan Steele defeated Derrick King by DQ.

"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony defeated Jerry Lynn to retain TLCW title.

Credit: BT @

TIWF Match Results from 9-29-07 in Jackson, TN

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation
Saturday, September 29th 2007
True Force Arena
Jackson, TN

Assault def. Boogeyman Scream

Chico Mendoza def. Wyked

Jonathan Storm def. The Outlaw (TV Title Contenders Match)

TIWF Regional TV Title Match
Big Nasty Bob© def. Jonathan Storm to retain the title

TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match
Lawman Williams def. Steven Rampage © by DQ ( No title change)

TIWF Tag Team Title Match
New Breed of Perfection© (Wildside & Way Cool) def. Dre’ Black & PK Ripper

Credit: Steven Hunter @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

IWA Mid-South "Ted Petty Invitational" Match Results

Josh Abercrombie beat Devin Moore in 5:11 with a variation of the crossface chicken wing to advance to the semifinals.

Brent Albright beat Joker in 10:55 to advance to the semifinals.

Human Tornado beat Nate Webb in 8:19 to advance to the semifinals.

Mike Quackenbush beat Joey Ryan via submission in 11:44 to advance to the semifinals. Quack retained the IWA World Lightweight Title.

Claudio Castagnoli beat Davey Richards in 8:50 to advance to the semifinals.

Chuck Taylor beat Scorpio in 14:10 to advance to the semifinals. Taylor retained the IWA World Heavyweight Title.

Ian Rotten announced that Mike Quackenbush was out of the tournament on the advice of Ed Chuman from the NWA, due to an injury received during his match. Abercrombie would get a bye to the finals.

Claudio Castagnoli beat Brent Albright in 14:20 to advance to the finals.

Chuck Taylor beat Human Tornado in 12:12 to advance to the finals. Taylor retained the IWA World Heavyweight Title.

Abercrombie entered the ring. As the forfeit was being announced, Quackenbush made his surprise entrance to a monster pop. It was one of those moments when it’s great to be a pro wrestling fan. Mike Quackenbush beat Josh Abercrombie via submission at 9:43 to advance to the finals. Quackenbush retained the IWA World Lightweight Title.

Eddie Kingston beat Chris Hero in a Last Man Standing Match (23:48).

Iron Saints (Vito & Sal Thomaselli) vs. Nigel McGuinness & B. J. Whitmer ended in a no contest.

Mike Quackenbush beat Claudio Castagnoli and Chuck Taylor to win the TPI and become the new IWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Credit: Larry Goodman @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

USWO Match Results for 9/28/07 in Nashville, TN

Ouinton Quarisma & Jay Phoenix defeated the teams of Josh Crowe & Saint and New York Gangster & Michael Jablonski.

Hammerjack defeated TJ Harley.

Eric Starr defeated Shane Smalls to win the ATL championship.

LT Falk defeated Damien Payne w/Tim Renesto.

AM Vision defeated Kid Kash to win the USWO Championship.

Wild Boys (Ben Jordan & Steve Neely) defeated Arrick Andrews & Gary Valiant w/Miss Boogie.

Credit: WWRD @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

ECW Roster to be Expanded

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE plans to greatly expand the current ECW roster by bringing up workers from developmental groups. Which workers will be brought up has not been announced. There are only 13 active wrestlers on the roster at this time.

ACPW Match Results from 9-28-07 in Warsaw, NC

Atlantic Coast Professional Wrestling
"Brawl in Warsaw"
Friday Night, September 28th
Warsaw Middle School
Warsaw North Carolina


Zane Dawson defeated Daniel Messina.

Stro defeated Tobi by count out after Sean Cruise interfered.

ACPW ADR Champion Soul Reaper and Dick Foley defeated Aaron Devil & Brandon Marretti.

Sean Cruise defeated Dave Renegade by DQ when Tobi attacked Cruise.

Dave Dawson defeated Jake Manning.

KC Mcknight defeated Corey Edsel and Gluteus Maximus in a 3-way dance.

Charlie Dreamer defeated Josh Hunter by pin fall.

ACPW Heavyweight Champion Hangtime & Tito Rain defeated Lonestar Connection w/Dexter Holley by pin fall. After the Match The Stro attacked Hangtime.

NEXT ACPW EVENT is the Sam E. Gilbert Memorial Cup, October 13th, Lakewood High School, Lakewood, NC.

XOW Match Results from 9-29-07 in Pontotoc, MS

Uncle Felton defeated Giant Hillbilly by DQ when Hillbilly hit Felton with a cow bell. Hillbilly continued the attack until Anton Leveigh and Brandon Bobwire ran in to make the save.

Bambi defeated Peggy Lee to become the new XOW Ladies Champion.

"Prime Time" Nick Grimes w/Pretty Mary Sunrise defeated Colton Anderson w/"Sexy" Sam Dollar by reverse decision.

Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs w/Sam Dollar defeated "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore in a fans lumberjack strap match.

Sarge O'Reilly won a $5000.00 battle royal to earn the right to face "Superstar" Bill Dundee. Others in the battle royal were Chris Styles, Giant Hillbilly, Josh Matthews, Colton Anderson, Fusion, Brett Michaels, Peggy Lee, Bambi, & Uncle Felton.

Bill "Superstar" Dundee w/Grady Watson defeated Sarge O'Reilly w/Sam Dollar.

The main event was a cage match that was wild, violent, bloody, and... EXTREME! Anton Leveigh & Brandon Bobwire defeated The Southern Saints (Chris Styles & Josh Matthews). The battle continued after the match was over, spilling out of the cage as the Southern saints gave Leveigh & Bobwire a major beating.

The 90 people that were in attendance were treated to a very, very good show. I do not know why attendance was so low. Those who stayed home missed a great show.

TFW Match Results from Friday Night 9/28/07 in Tupelo

Uncle Vinnie the Blade won a 4-way match over LSD, Curly Moe, & J-Kid to become #1 Contender for the TFW Light Heavyweight belt.

Chazz defeated David Cox.

TFW Light Heavyweight Champion "Prime Time" Nick Grimes defeated Chop Top the Clown to retain.

Neil "the Real Deal" Taylor w/Tony "the Weasel" Watts defeated Fusion by DQ.

TFW Champion DC defeated Brett Michaels to retain.

The Southern Saints (Shawn Reed, Chris Styles, & Josh Matthews) vs. Attitude, Inc. (Tony Dabbs & Bless) & Chris Kilgore ended in a double DQ.

MIDGETS Little Extreme and Big Jake will be on the card at TFW next week. ALSO DC & Fusion vs. Neil Taylor & Brett Michaels. PLUS Uncle Vinnie the Blade vs. Nick Grimes for the TFW Light Heavyweight belt. Should be a good show, don't miss it!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Flair attends MSU game

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During the Lincoln Financial Sports Coverage of the Mississippi State vs South Carolina game, Ric Flair can clearly be seen walking on the Gamecocks sideline during the first quarter. He was greeted by resounding "WHOOOOOOs" from the crowd. It is a known fact that the Nature Boy and South Carolina Head Coach Steve Spurrier are good friends, and it is likely Flair was in attendance at the invitation of the Gamecocks.

Friday, September 28, 2007

New Hart Foundation to be Brought up to Smackdown Soon (?)

The New Hart Foundation, which consists of Harry Smith, Teddy Hart, Nattie Neidhart, Ted DiBiase, Jr., and TJ Wilson, are said to be on the "fast track" to being brought up to the WWE's main roster on the Smackdown brand, as they are being advertised locally for the Smackdown/ECW tapings on November 6 in Bakersfield, California.


All-star Championship Wrestling Match Results from 9-25-07 in Carrollton, GA

Brad Armstrong defeated Frankie Valentine.

Chick Donovan defeated Billy Knight by submission with a figure four leg lock.

Brad Thomas defeated Dillon Eaton.

Tommy "Wildfire" Rich defeated Pretty Boy Floyd.

Doug Sommers defeated Ken Timbs, Jr.

Scotty McKeever w/Dillon Eaton defeated Frankie Valentine.

Tommy Rich defeated Superstar by DQ to retain the National Heavyweight Title.

Greg Valentine defeated Chick Donovan.

Doug Sommers defeated Billy Knight.

Brad Thomas defeated Pretty Boy Floyd.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs. Bunkhouse Buck ended in a double DQ.

Bobby Eaton & Scotty McKeever w/Dillon Eaton defeated Brad Armstrong & The Bullet.

Credit: Larry Goodman @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board


Breaking News....

Southeastern Championship Wrestling is coming to Tupelo with a BIG CARD Saturday night, October 6, 2007, at the Salvation Army Community Center on Carnation St.

Ticket Prices:
Advance Tickets $10.00, on sale Monday at Fun World in Tupelo.
Tickets $12.00 at the door.
Kids 4 & under free!

On the card:
Kamala the Ugandan Warrior
Mr. Hughes
John Saxon
Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor
Chris Rocker
Sarge O'Reilly
Steve Anthony
Kevin White
"Playboy" Pat Patera
Miss Vanna
Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock
and MORE!

Also featuring a LADIES MATCH, Irresistible Danielle vs. Layla!

It's going to be a great show! Don't miss it!

Advance tickets available Monday morning, 10-01-07, at Fun World, 314 So. Green St., in downtown Tupelo.

See you there!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

TNA Impact Results

Team 3D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon) defeated Sonjay Dutt & Shark Boy.

The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) defeated Lance Hoyt & Jimmy Rave.

Five-Way Match: Roxxy Laveaux defeated Gail Kim, Christy Hemme, Ms. Brooks, and Jackie Moore.

Updates on Dr. Phil Astin Case

Read about it at this link:

Several Total Nonstop Action Wrestling superstars will appear at the Duluth (Georgia) “Fall Festival” this weekend on Saturday and Sunday! TNA Wrestling will be promoting our upcoming “Bound for Glory” Pay-Per-View extravaganza, live from the Gwinnett Center on Sunday, October 14 in Atlanta. Look for the Gwinnett Center pavilion, where the TNA superstars will be meeting the fans and giving away prizes, tickets and the opportunity to take pictures in an actual TNA ring with the stars!

TNA Superstar appearances are as follows:

9:00am-6:00pm: SoCal Val
12:00-2:00: The Steiner Brothers
2:00-4:00: “Primetime” Elix Skipper of Triple X

9:00-6:00: SoCal Val
12:00-2:00: “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles
2:00-4:00: TNA newcomer Jimmy Rave

ACPW presents 'Warsaw War"
Friday, September 28, 2007
Time: 7:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
Location: Warsaw Middle School
738 W College St.
Warsaw, NC

Tickets: $5

Lonestar Connection vs. Tito Rain & ACPW Champion Hangtime

One half of the Brokeback Express Tobi vs. Former WCW star and ACPW Champion Stro"The Maestro of Wrestling"

Zane Dawson vs. Daniel Messina

Charlie Dreamer vs. Josh Hunter

Sean Cruise vs. La Fletcha

KC McKnight vs. A mystery star

Also Appearing: Aaron Devil, Soul Reaper, Marretti, Referee Brian Braswell, Referee Pnut Parker, ACPWcommish Charlie Mintz, and many more.

Credit: Stro @

A - 1 Wrestling Card for 10-3-07 in Nashville, TN














Wednesday, September 26, 2007

XOW Presents "Pain in Pontotoc" THIS Saturday Night

The XOW show in Pontotoc, MS, this Saturday night is shaping up to be a really good show. XOW Ladies Champion Peggy Lee will defend her belt against Bambi. Also 16 lucky fans will be chosen to be around the ring during the match featuring "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs vs. "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore. If either wrestler gets thrown out of the ring, the fans chosen to be around the ring get to whip them with leather straps. "The Future" Chris Styles & "The Perfectionist" Josh Matthews will face Anton Leveigh & Brandon Bobwire inside a steel cage. "Superstar" Bill Dundee will face the winner of a $5000.00 battle royal. Also appearing will be "Luscious" Kenny Valiant and Pretty Mary Sunrise. It was Pretty Mary Sunrise who slapped the fire out of XOW Promoter Tony "The Weasel" Watts at the TFW show this past Friday night. Who knows what she will be up to at XOW! Just added to the card is Giant Hillbilly vs. Uncle Felton. It all happens at Pontotoc Agri-Center this Saturday night, 9-29-07. Bell time is 8:oo. Don't miss this one! See you there!!

Funking Conservatory Wrestling School Moves into New Facility

The Funking Conservatory Wrestling School is now in a new 10,000 foot training facility with a Sound Stage for !BANG! TV video production.

The entire arena comes with air-conditioning and heat to insure comfort year round for our athletes in training. The Funking Conservatory is still located at 2200 NE 36th Avenue in Ocala, Florida however we are in a new building located at the same address. Coming soon on our website we will have a virtual tour of the new facility.

At the Funking Conservatory we are also expanding our program to include amateur wrestling and mixed martial arts.

Our next !BANG! TV Taping, Sunday October 28th will emanate from our new !BANG! TV sound stage. Making special appearances will be the Father of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Rocky Johnson and former NWA World Champion, Jack Brisco.

Now featured on !BANG! TV are the present stars of the Funking Conservatory. (Dory Funk Jr., The Pop Tarts, Kim Dakota and Vikki Von, Blaine Rage, Johnny Magnum, Flyin' Ryan "Air" Mitchell with Sandii Skye, "The Claw" Claudia Reiff, Elvis Sharp from Memphis, (Texas) Shane Chung, Cowboy Cory Squires and more. Coming soon to the Funking Conservatory, Mario Benedetti and Will Power.

To watch !BANG! TV 24/7 online and for !BANG! TV Ticket information, training information and scheduling, visit our website at

Credit: Dory Funk, Jr. @

XWE Card for 10-12-07 in New Port Richey, Florida

XWE Presents: Dark Apocalypse

Friday, October 12th at 8 pm

Elks Lodge
7621 Congress Street
New Port Richey, Florida 34653

Doors open @ 7:30
Belltime @ 8:00

Tickets: Presale, $10 adult & $5 children 8 and under
or at the door day of show $12 adult & $5 children 8 and under
For More info: 727-534-5619

Main Event:
Extreme Rules
XWE Florida Heavyweight Championship Title Match
Bobby Wohlfert (champion) vs. Heater w/John Q

Number 1 Contenders match
Best 2 out of 3 Falls
Jerome Hendrix vs. Ricky Romeo "Human Fire Breathing Monster" Torcher vs. Lou Cypher w/John Q

XWE Tag Team Championship Tournament Qualifying Match
Myles Long & Ash Kristensen w/Jelena vs. Pretty Fly & “Superhero” Mark Zout

Also in action:
James Morrison w/Arsen

David Mercury

Barney Rumble


Deakon Starr

Moonshine Mc Coy

Deathrow Jethro


and many others.

Credit: Shannon Rose @

FCW "Wrestling For Whiskers" Results From 9-25-07 in New Port Richey, FL

On Tuesday September 25, 2007, professional wrestling retuned to Bourbon Street Night Club 4331 US19N, New Port Richey Florida, as the venue hosted a charity event for the SPCA of Pasco County called "Wrestling for Whiskers." WWE’s developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling event was setup by S.O.S. (Save our Sandbar Foundation).

(1) Ted Hart defeated “The Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne. Hart went for an early submission with an overhand wristlock but Osborne escaped with a handful of hair that was masked from the referee’s view. On the lockup Hart escaped an armbar and went to Osborne’s left arm only to have it countered only to counter it back. Osborne said Hart pulled his trunks and when the referee went to check Osborne pulled the hair again. Osborne went for a corner move but Hart countered into a wheel barrel into a forward roll before going back to the arm with a submission hold but somehow Osborne refused to submit and escaped in a standing position with a forearm to the face. It allowed Osborne to lock Hart in a headlock takeover but Hart countered to a head scissor and Osborne kicked up to a neutral position. Both men fought for position but it was Hart who hit a Play of the Day like move into a sunset flip for two. Hart got to his feet first but was hit by a backbreaker but he quickly recovered into another armbreaker move which caused Osborne to fight to a corner where Hart laid in some forearms. Osborne reversed a corner whip and Hart went to the corner expecting to hit a head scissor but Osborne threw Hart’s legs off and sent Hart’s crotch to the top rope. Osborne went to work on Hart with a series of moves but none led to a submission. Osborne made a tactical error and it allowed Hart to hit a top rope moonsault but Osborne recovered hitting a slam. He went to the top rope and hit an elbow drop but he covered Hart too close to the ropes and Hart grabbed the bottom one to cause a break in the count. Osborne dropped Hart on the top rope but Hart blocked the superplex and sent Osborne crashing to the mat and Hart ended the match with a top rope front twisted senton to win the bout.

(2) Kofi Kingston, Johnny Curtis and Robert Anthony defeated Rycklon, Titan and Steve Taylor. Rycklon and Titan had issues before the bout with their partner as Taylor wanted to show sportsmanship by shaking hands but they refused. So Rycklon started out with Kingston who was popular with the fans. Both men tried to establish some control but it was Kingston and friends who sent Rycklon to tag in Taylor who locked up with Anthony with some chain wrestling that left neither team in total control. Curtis tagged in but got taken down with a single leg and Titan tagged himself in with his huge arms. Needless to say the tempo of the match changed to a pure power attack between Titan and Rycklon taking turns beating down Curtis. But Curtis was able to armdrag Rycklon and tagged out to Anthony who kept the attack on the huge left arm. Rycklon missed a corner move and got hit with some punches but he got control when Anthony went to the ropes and he leveled Anthony with a clothesline. Rycklon locked Anthony in a chinlock but Anthony got to his feet only to be hit with a Tilt-A-Whirl slam. Rycklon tagged in Taylor but he declined the free shot to the ribs, instead he took Anthony to the mat with a body scissor. Titan didn’t like that and tagged back in sending Anthony from one corner to another making him thrash around like he was in a car wreck. Titan went for a suplex and brought Anthony down but Kingston broke up the pin attempt. So Titan tagged in Rycklon who hit several moves but couldn’t get the pin and got sent to the floor when Titan’s running boot hit him instead of Anthony. Kingston tagged in and fought to the top but Titan caught him and was ready to drop him but Anthony and Curtis hit a double dropkick allowing Kingston to get the hard fought win.

(3) Nattie Neidhart and Victoria Crawford defeated The Bella Bombers (Bri and Nicole). After refereeing their debut bout Crawford decided to get in the ring with the Bella’s. Neidhart started with Bri and got frustrated so she let Crawford tag in and she kicked Bri in the stomach. But her offense didn’t last long as Nicole tagged in to help hit a clothesline. Crawford got out of a hammerlock with a elbow to Nicole’s jaw but Nicole got the hold back on and countered into a fire carry take over into an left arm attack. Crawford got to her feet but ended up back on the mat with a shoulder tackle. Nicole focused on Neidhart and it cost her as Crawford sent her to the ropes and Neidhart pulled her hair sending Nicole crashing to the mat. Neidhart and Crawford made several tags and used some questionable tactics to keep Nicole from tagging in Bri. Their effort was great but the pinfalls didn’t come and Crawford’s corner move met Nicole’s knee and Nicole hit a bulldog followed by a tag to Bri who was well rested. All four ladies got in the ring and Bri had Neidhart pinned but the referee went to get Nicole to her corner and Crawford reversed the small package allowing her team to win.

(4) Vade Hansen and Chris Grey defeated “The Professional” Mike Mondo and “the Natural” Nick Nemeth. Grey and Mondo locked up but it was obvious Mondo and Nemeth’s plan was to frustrate their younger opponents. When they lost control of the match Nemeth and Mondo claimed they had their hair pulled, tights pulled and anything else they could. But it didn’t work as Hansen and Grey kept the offense clicking in their favor with a variety of moves. Nemeth’s claim of a tight pull worked and Mondo tagged in only to see Nemeth tag in and have a collision in the ring that sent them calling for a time out on the floor. Nemeth and Mondo grabbed two ringside chairs and tossed them into the ring but they didn’t expect their opponents to catch them and sit down in the ring. Nemeth and Mondo grabbed the chairs sending Grey and Vansen to the floor. But the referee took the chairs away before Mondo and Nemeth could sit and when they hit the canvas behind first Vansen and Grey slid in and dropkicked their opponents to the floor. Nemeth sent Grey to the ropes and said his ankle went out. As the referee checked him out Mondo hit Grey in the head. Magically Nemeth’s ankle was fine and the attack on Grey’s leg and ankle began. Mondo locked in a figure four but Grey fought it off and reversed the hold but Nemeth tagged in before a submission could occur. Nemeth kept the attack on the leg going but missed a corner Bronco Buster move and it allowed Vansen tagged in. Vansen went on a suplex frenzy which led to all four men fighting. The action spilled to the floor and the referee followed allowing Mondo to use brass knuckles to knock Vansen silly. Mondo got the pin but when the referee raised Mondo’s hand the foreign object fell to the mat and the decision reversed.

(5) Ted DiBiase Jr. & TJ Wilson defeated Afa Anoai & Jake Hager, “The Human Massacre” Keith Walker & “Handsome” Heath Miller. Anoai and Wilson began the match but Hager and DiBiase tagged in with DiBiase taking control with an armbar. Wilson tagged in and Hager tagged out to Miller who was ready to talk and wrestle at the same time after a boot to the gut. Wilson fought back and with help from DiBiase they cleared the ring of opponents. Anoai wanted to hear nothing come out of Miller’s mouth but pain as he hit a series of moves but an ill advised headbutt did damage to Anoai instead of Miller. Wilson tagged in and helped dump Anoai to the floor but he was quickly jumped by Miller who tagged in Walker who came in with a clothesline for two. Miller and Walker kept control of the match by keeping Wilson in the center of the ring and in neutral corners. Walker went for a neckvise submission but Wilson got out only to be hit with a forearm on the apron from Anoai. But Anoai turned his back and his next blow hit Walker instead. Walker went for a slam but Anoai tagged himself in and negated the pin attempt. Anoai hit a slam of his own but Wilson slid off during the second attempt and tagged in Hager who was forced to face his partner. Instead they went to tag out but the other four wrestlers fell to the floor. Anoai and Hager went to work and after punching and kicking each other they got a near count by pinning each other. All six men fought in the ring but in the end in was DiBiase Jr. who got the pin after Anoai’s spinning Samoan Drop kicked Hager in the head. Anoai had Wilson pinned but the referee counted down Hager’s shoulders.

(6) Doink the Clown defeated Billy Kidman. After making a kid in the front row cry Kidman focused on Doink and his bag of tricks. Doink countered Kidman’s experience with some moves that kept the former WWE Cruiserweight champion going to the floor to formulate a new plan. Doink kept Kidman off his game with a side headlock but Kidman stopped that with a shot to the ribs and a headlock of his own. The two men went to the ropes but it was Doink who took Kidman up in an airplane spin which sent Kidman to the floor. Kidman decided he had enough and went to the locker room entry way and he barely beat the ten count in but his slide to the ring met Doink. Doink stomped on Kidman’s hands and went to hit ten punches in the corner but Kidman stepped into Doink and dropped him on the top rope Hot Shot style. Kidman dragged Doink to the floor and smashed Doink’s ribs into the ring apron before coming back to the ring and an abdominal stretch with some help from the ropes. Kidman let the hold go and hit a rib breaker like move for two and went back to the stretch hold this time mat based. Doink went chest first into the corner but his momentum allowed him to catch Kidman off the ropes into a powerslam. But neither man could get the pin but they fought to their feet where Doink let loose a series of moves. Doink went up top hitting a cross bodyblock for two. Kidman countered a move and hit Doink with a Sky High Slam. He dragged Doink to a corner but got rolled up for two. So Kidman hit a dropkick and went up top for a huricurana but Doink held on and came off to get the pinfall.

Ryan O’Reilly along with FCW Diva’s Maryse & Lacey Von Erich made their way to the ring. O’Reilly said he had two good reasons to be happy and they each spoke to him and fans about how they like to make him happy. When the ladies spoke about O’Reilly they also took turns insulting the fans. But when O’Reilly mentioned wanting championship gold, FCW Southern Heavyweight champion Harry Smith came to the ring. O’Reilly said he wanted the gold but Smith said he wanted one of O’Reilly’s ladies. That brought out #1 contender G-Rilla who said he only wanted what Smith was packing and demanded the match he won on September 15th. O’Reilly obliged and the ladies joined him in leaving ringside.

(7) FCW Southern Heavyweight champion Harry Smith defeated #1 contender G-Rilla via DQ. Smith went right to work keeping his bigger opponent off his feet by attacking his left knee and leg. But that stopped when G-Rilla got to his feet and backed Smith into a corner for a whip and shots to the ribs. But a second corner move allowed Smith to stop his momentum and kick G-Rilla’s leg out. G-Rilla went to the floor and tripped up Smith. G-Rilla came back in the ring but Smith recovered enough to make the match start over on neutral ground. G-Rilla backed Smith to a corner but Smith dropped out and slid through G-Rilla’s legs. But Smith didn’t protect himself and G-Rilla hit a forearm to the lower back region of the champion. With a bullseye drawn on the back G-Rilla locked Smith in a Bear Hug but couldn’t get Smith to give up. Smith fought his way out but came off the ropes into a belly to belly suplex. G-Rilla went right back to the Bear Hug and forced Smith’s shoulders to the mat. Smith fought out of the hold and went for the Sharpshooter but G-Rilla raked the eyes and hit a corner move. G-Rilla went up but his Bonsai Drop only met Smith’s boots in his crotch region. Smith hit a dropkick and clothesline to take G-Rilla off his feet. But when Smith went for a move he was hit with a powerslam and an elbow drop. G-Rilla smelled championship and hit two more elbow drops but Smith kicked out of the pin. G-Rilla went for a running powerslam but Smith slid off and hit a German Suplex. But when Smith went for the Sharpshooter, Jake Hager came in and attacked Smith, causing the DQ. Things broke down from their as they were joined by Ted Hart, Shawn Osborne, Afa Anoai, Ted DiBiase Jr. and TJ Wilson. Smith, Hart, DiBiase Jr. and Hart chased off the other four and laid a challenge down for October 13th for an eight man match. They christened themselves the New Hart Foundation.

On Saturday October 13th FCW will be returning to the Jewish Community Center, 9841 Scenic Dr of Port Richey, FL. Information on the event and an FCW website launch date will be coming along in the next few days.

Credit: Alan J. Wojcik @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

SAW card for 9/29/07 in Millersville, TN

Main event
SAW TV title
TJ Harley (c) vs. a surprise opponent courtesy of Tracy Smothers

Return challenge
Michael Jablonski vs. Jason James

Shane Eden & Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie) vs. C-4 & J-5 (w/Cocky Cody)

Tatsu vs. Hammerjack (w/Charming Charles)

Also appearing: "The Inn Crowd"-Rob C & Justin Spade, and Arrick Andrews

and other stuff
Credit: WWRD @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

USWO Card for 9-28-07 in Nashville, TN

Main event
USWO Championship
(Anthony Cervantes as special ref)
Kid Kash (c) vs. AM Vision

Stips TBA!
Wild Boys vs. Arrick Andrews & Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie)

TV Title
Hammerjack (c) vs. TJ Harley

Tim Renesto vs. LT Falk

"Luscious" Quinton Quarisma & "Gigolo" Jay Phoenix vs. Saint & Josh Crowe

Damien Payne vs. New York Gangster

Michael Jablonski vs. Shane Smalls

and other stuff
Credit: WWRD @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

Championship Wrestling "Best of the Best" Results from 9-22-07 in Kingsport, TN

Brian Wayne defeated Mike Blade.

The Mysterious Ginn defeated Chase Owens.

Menace defeated Wayne Daniels w/Barbie.

Robbie Cassidy defeated Nick Hammonds.

Super Destroyer defeated Wayne Adkins.

Eric Darkstorm defeated Tony Givens by count out.

(Those six match winners advanced into a six way elimination match).

Beau James & Steve Fury defeated O Dog and Greg Rocker w/John Hawkins. After the match, John Hawkins promotions turned on Greg Rocker.

Thorn and Ray Idol defeated Ryan Dookie and Adam York.

Robbie Cassidy won the 6 way elimination match and the Best of the Best Cup.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Southeastern Championship Wrestling in Demopolis

Southeastern Championship Wrestling is having another big show in Demopolis Alabama this Saturday night. They will be at the Park and Recreation Center in Demopolis. Bell time will be at 8:00 and the talent will be Kamala The Ugandan Giant, Fire and Flame, "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock, Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor, "Playboy" Pat Patera, Rocking Randy, Kevin White with Ms. Vanna, Scotty Blaze, Stan Lee, Chris Rocker, Cameron Valentine, Mr. Hughes, Chris Dell, and many more. This should be a good show so if you live near there be sure to check out the show.Oct. 6th they will be at the Aliceville High School in Aliceville Alabama.

Monday, September 24, 2007

All-Pro Wrestling Card for Saturday October 13, 2007

~Night of the Wrestling Freaks~

Carthage Coliseum

Bell time 7:30 p.m.

Ticket Prices:

$10.00 for adults
$5.00 for children under 12
3 & Under Free

6 BIG Matches

"Wildfire" Tommy Rich
The Giant Hillbilly
Uncle Felton
Pretty Mary Sunrise
Anton Leveigh
Brandon Bobwire
Candy Man
CJ Cash
Tony Dabbs
Chris Styles
Sarge O'Riley
Chop & Top The Evil Clowns


Sunday, September 23, 2007

TNA Tidbits

Ron Killings and Pacman Jones may not have a future in TNA past the Bound for Glory PPV. Killings is only committed to work for TNA through the duration of the Pacman Jones storyline. That is scheduled to end at the PPV. Jeff Jarrett is reportedly going to try to negotiate again with the Tennessee Titans to allow Pacman to wrestle at Bound for Glory. If he succeeds in getting the Titans to allow Jones to wrestle, TNA may extend his deal, but if not, his deal with TNA probably ends at BFG. Junior Fatu is working without a TNA contract, although he is booked to work this week's iMPACT tapings. Frankly, I look for him to stay around for a while. It is reported that TNA wants to keep him around full time.

Credit: Wrestling Observer via Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

Another Blast from the Past: Diary of William Winkler, PHD

Saturday, May 07, 2005
Diary of William Winkler, PHD
Volume X1V Entry 9

I'm sober.


The pain in my wrist has lessened somewhat, though I still feel a sharp pain if I grip something too tightly. A terrible reminder of the danger that lurks below. A danger of my own creation? Partly. I only want to help them. Why can't they understand? What I do is for their own good.
Or maybe they do understand, all too well.

I remembered something from the tragedy, a nightmare that woke me screaming during the wee hours of the morning. It is vivid in my mind, fresh as a blossomed rose, though not nearly so kind, or beautiful. I think on it constantly. The hair on my arms and neck stand at the onset of the memory, then quickly fall limp across the skin as the horror of the recollection robs all happiness from my heart.

Before I passed out from the pain, just after Wraith showed me the message he engraved in poor Derek's lifeless skull, I saw the thing that has terrified me since, in sleep and in waking. Wraith let Derek's body slump back to the floor. He stood slowly, purposefully, and was about to walk back in to the shadows when Psycho's hand shout out and grabbed Wraith by his ankle. Wraith's head snapped down as if dropped from the hangman's noose. The two locked eyes. Psycho looked from his doll and back to Wraith.

There is a strange form of communication between them, something I have as yet been able to ascertain. But to the story! My mind wanders as of late and I...To the story! To the story! Okay!...okay.

They were looking at each other, Wraith and Psycho, then Wraith reaches down for poor dead Derek once again. With measured menace, or perhaps it was simply without care, or thought, he slowly unwound the huge steel logger's chain that had dug itself into the skin of the dead orderlies neck. But it wasn't that that bothered me so. No, not at all. As gruesome as the sight was, I was least bothered by it. Psycho returned to his rocking as Wraith draped the chain over his own shoulder and began to step back into the shadow. I eased out a long breath I hadn't been aware that I had been holding. Even then, I could feel consciousness seep from my body. The blessed freedom and painlessness of the dark void that was coming I welcomed as one would a lover long since gone but suddenly returned. Oh, how I embraced it. Until...

Psycho stopped his rocking and stood up. He looked from Derek's lifeless form and then to me. Surely this was my end. But, alas, he stepped towards the shadows. The moment he should have disappeared into that black hiding space, Wraith's face appeared from the dark. We locked eyes. And that's what has terrified me since. Not the eye contact, oh that wasn't nearly the horror. It was his smile. Evil and menacing. Psycho turned the same twisted grin on me as well, saliva dripping from his dark bearded chin.

And then I succumbed to the dark. But all was not peaceful. Never again. Now I'm haunted even in sleep. I must have another drink. And my medicine. What the hell have I done with it? Too many waking memories, yet I prefer those to the sleeping ones.

My whiskey, where did she put it?!!

Later, I will write more later.

Damn the memories.

PWA Match Results from 9-22-07 in Houston, TX

Booker T's PWA held another event on Saturday evening. This time it took place at The Bella Aida Gardens Ballroom in Houston, Texas. Here are the quick results:

Nemesis def. Santana

The Wrecking Crew (Mike B. Nasty & Tank Bishop) def. Dawg Chettum w/Ms. Rosa & Jared Steele

Cyrus w/Lady Poison def. Nicolas

VIP def. Gustavo Mendoza w/Team Cuba by DQ

Gabe Hollier & Surfin Surge def. Kryll (AD Star & Creet) w/Lady Poison in a Non-Title Match

Psicosis def. Shad Gaspard

Brett Idol (Richy Rich) def. Neico in a Non-Title Match

PWA returns to The Pasadena Convention Center on October 24, 2007. Special guest will be TNA Superstar "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal.

Credit: Arturo Zaldana

World Class Extreme Wrestling Card for 10-06-07 in Wadesboro, NC

World Class Extreme Wrestling Presents...

"A Dangerous Night"
Saturday October 6th, 2007
Harvest Ministries Outreach Center
Caswell Street
Wadesboro N.C.

Bell time 7:30 pm
Doors Open @ 6pm
All Tickets $6

WCEW Heavyweight Champion "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel says on this night he will not be the hunted, BUT The champion will instead go looking for a challenge.... Who will be Challenger? Only Dangerous E knows.

After the happenings at "Coming Undone," where Johnny Vandal delivered a vicious chair shot that cost Aaron Devil his match against Keith Blonde, the following match has been signed:
Johnny Vandal vs. Aaron Devil

Hangtime (C) VS Scrapyard Dog

Keith Blonde & Jon Davis w/Fabulous Frank Takes on Tommy Vandal and a Mystery Partner

Kid Evil & DZ Hyde vs. Cowboy Cletus & Shaq Knox.

Plus WCEW Tag Champions Dillinger & Cruise w/Stephen B Esquire III, Tracy Gilbert, Tyron "Hard" Knox, Chaotic Chris, The Return of Slick and Pitt, The debut of Thunder, Tito Rain, Scottie Brooks and many more.


USWO Match Results from 9/21/07 in Nashville

New York Gangster defeated "Gigolo" Jay Phoenix w/"Luscious" Quinton Quarisma.

Damien Payne defeated Petey Wright.

LT Falk defeated Tim Renesto.

TJ Harley defeated Hammerjack.

AM Vision defeated Michael Jablonski.

"Wild Boys" Ben Jordan & Steve Neely defeated Arrick Andrews & Gary Valiant w/Miss Boogie by DQ.

Credit: WWRD @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

NBW Match Results from 9-22-07 in Dyersburg, TN

1st round match of the T.V. title tournament - Gaylon Ray def. Zane to advance.

After the match Bonecrusher and Redman attacked Zane and tried to pin him for the Hardcore title, Zane fought them off until Jake the Jackhammer came out and got a lucky pin on Zane to win Hardcore belt.

Brian Steele def. Crazytrain by DQ.

Black Label Society (AJ Bradley & Robbie Douglas) defeated “East Coast Bad Boyz (Serpent & C-Money) by pin fall.

Jeremy Moore defeated J.R. Manson in a hair vs. hair match.

John "Biscuit" Roberts defeated Phoenix X to win the High Risk title.

Jerry "The King" Lawler & "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher defeated Motley Cruz and Alex Krisis in a commissioner vs. commissioner match.

"The Real Deal" Tim Edwards defeated Tank to retain the NBW Championship.

Kilo defeated Mark Justice in a Last Man Standing match.

Credit: BT @

GCW Card for 9-29-07 in Phoenix City, AL

Johnny Swinger (c) vs. Buchanan inside the six sides of steel for the GCW Title.

The Naturals (c) vs. Bad Company (Stevens & David Young) in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the GCW Tag Titles.

Death Row vs. Steele in an Electric Chair match.

Randall Johnson vs. Frankie Valentine in a hair match.

Shaun Banks vs. Scotty Beach in a Weasel Suit match.

Scrappy McGowan & Cru Jones vs. Commissioner Bo Oates & John Bogie with the commissionership of GCW on the line.

Ring Inspector Chuck vs. John Bogie in a Bouncing Boxer’s match.

Credit: Larry @

GCW Match Results from 9-22-07 in Phoenix City, AL

Vordell Walker & Randall Johnson defeated Frankie Valentine & Tex Monroe.

John Bogie defeated Orion Bishop w/Wicked Nemesis.

Chris Stevens defeated DeathRow after interference by A. J. Steele.

A. J. Steele defeated Thug Rowe.

Shaun Banks & Cru Jones w/Quentin Michaels defeated Bull Buchanan & Scotty Beach.

Sonny Siaki defeated Johnny Swinger w/Quentin Michaels by count out. Swinger retained the GCW Heavyweight Title.

Credit: Larry @

Nashville Wrestling Card for 10-13-07 in Harrisburg, IL

Nashville Wrestling
October 13th, 2007 - 8 PM
Saline County Fairgrounds
Harrisburg, Illinois

Matt Boyce vs. Teddy Tender

Adam Evans vs. Boz

Lani Kealoha vs. Mike Rapada Jr.

Jeff Jameson vs. Black Spade

Christian Jacobs vs. Chris Cage

Credit: Devin Cutting @ Mempho Group

FTW Upcoming Shows

Country Music Barn
Elkmont, Alabama
I-65, Exit 361,
Behind the Truck Stop

Admission: $6 General $8 Ringside Half Price for Kids 5-10

Tuesday Night October 2nd at 7:30PM -Elkmont, AL
Tuesday Night October 16th at 7:30PM-Elkmont, AL
Tuesday Night November 6th at 7:30PM-Elkmont, AL
Tuesday Night November 20th at 7:30PM-Elkmont, AL
Tuesday Night December 4th at 7:30PM-Elkmont, AL

Friday Night December 14th at 7:30 PM
National Guard Armory
Fayetteville, TN

Next SAW TV Taping

Our next Big Television Taping will be on Sunday afternoom September 30th 2007 with a 2pm belltime at the SAW Arena in Millersville, TN. Arrick Andrews and his mystery partner will face the team of Chris Michaels & Nore Havoc with there manager Paul Adams.

Upcoming Chikara Shows

Our Upcoming Live Events:

Reading, PA
October 26, 2007

"New Star Navigation"
Barnesville, PA
October 27, 2007

"Battle of Who Could Care Less"
Reading, PA
November 16, 2007

"The Sordid Perils of Everyday Existence"
Hellertown, PA
November 17, 2007

"Chapter 11"
Philadelphia, PA
November 18, 2007

Chikara Show Results from 9-22-07 in Philadelphia, PA

In what was supposed to be our first Pre-Show match... Brodie Lee beat Mike Stevens with a Liger Bomb.

In what was supposed to be our other Pre-Show match (had things started promptly)... Daizee Haze beat Candace LaRae.

Incoherence (Hallowicked & Delirious) picked up their 3rd point by beating Ultra Mantis Black & Hydra.

Mike Quackenbush made Tim Donst tap out to the CHIKARA Special.

Cheech & Cloudy defeated The Olsen Twins.

Super Xtremo used a huracarana to pin Kris Chambers.

The Osirian Portal (Ophidian & Amasis) upset Jigsaw & Shane Storm to get their 1st point.

The Colony (Fire Ant & Soldier Ant & Worker Ant) defeated BLK Out (Eddie Kingston & Sabian & Joker).

Torneo Cibernetico: Claudio Castagnoli emerged victorious, last eliminating Mitch Ryder via Ricola Bomb.

Ultimate Championship Wrestling Card for 10-06-07 in Franklin, KY

Ultimate Championship Wrestling will be BACK in Franklin, KY, Saturday night, 10-06-07! Doors open @ 7pm CST, bell time @ 8pm CST. Admission $8, kids 4 & under FREE w/paid adult.

UCW Championship Match
"Bone Crusher" Jeff Crowe (champion) vs. Cuzzin Junior (as seen on WWF)
Special referee, Simpson County's own Paul Law

Southern States Title Match
Justin Sane (champion) vs. Otis Bass

2 out of 3 falls
# 1 contenders match
"The Real Deal" Derrick Neal vs. "The Dr. of Style" Richard Lowe

"Kid Dynamite" RETURNS to face "The Pale Rider" Damien Payne

"Slammin" Stevie King VS Crazy 8's

Plus Franklin's own Ronnie Crowder makes his managerial debut!

DON'T miss this barn burner folks!

UCW all rights reserved.

Card subject to change without notice.

Not responsible for accidents of any kind.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

TFW Match Results from 9-21-07 in Tupelo

The show started with The Southern Saints (Chris Styles & Shawn Reed) coming to the ring to run their mouths. They then beat down ring announcer Hunter Montgomery Jackson, who had to be carried from the ring, possibly with a broken leg.

Chris Chaos defeated LSD.

"Prime Time" Nick Grimes defeated "The Perfectionist" Josh Matthews w/Anita Page
to retain the TFW Light Heavyweight belt.

Devon Raynes defeated Fusion with help from Tony "The Weasel" Watts & Neil Taylor.

Chazz defeated "Dangerous" David Cox.

Vinnie the Blade defeated Chop Top the Clown.

In a three way tag team match, Attitude, Inc. (Tony Dabbs & Bless) w/T-Byrd defeated The Southern Saints (Chris Styles & Shawn Reed) and Crazy & Sexy (J-Kid & Curly Moe) to become the new TFW Tag Team Champions. The Southern Saints had won the belts from the New Age Cowboys (Chris Kilgore & Josh Holly) the previous Saturday in Ackerman, MS. After the match Josh Matthews and Anita Page came to the ring and, along with the Southern Saints, attacked Attitude, Inc. Several people tried to help Attitude, Inc., but they were beaten down also. "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore ran in and cleared the ring in a hurry. "The Perfectionist" Josh Matthews has apparently joined forces with The Southern Saints.

TFW Champion DC defeated Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor w/Tony "The Weasel" Watts. DC had help from Fusion, who was angry because Taylor & Watts had interfered in his match earlier causing him to lose to Devon Raynes.

Next week at TFW the card will include:

Attitude, Inc. & a mystery partner vs. The Southern Saints & Josh Matthews.

Neil "The Real Deal Taylor vs. Fusion.

Is Ric Flair Leaving WWE or Not? "Retired?!"

Ric Flair was Saturday’s Honorary Starter for the Busch series race at Dover International Speedway. The speedway issued an official press release about Flair's involvement with the race, which contained this paragraph: "Currently retired from the wrestling, Flair has established a finance business offering consumers a four-step process in identifying lending partners who specialize in car and home loans. His online application process allows consumers to shop for the best lender without the hassle of dealing with large banking institutions." You can read the entire press release at this link:

Here is a link to another article where Flair denies having given notice to WWE:

TNA Begins Taping 2 Hour Impact Shows Monday

TNA Wrestling has a busy week beginning this Monday and Tuesday as the company will be taping two separate two-hour editions of Impact for Spike TV. The Monday taping will be for the first two-hour show to air on October 4, while the taping the following day on Tuesday will air on October 11 and will act as the "go home" show for Bound For Glory.


Update on Status of Judas Mesias After Injury

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that TNA officials are very concerned about him right now after he was injured this past Sunday after taking a nasty fall of a ladder that resulted in him getting knocked out. There is no update on how he is doing at this point, but more should be known soon

Friday, September 21, 2007

Interview With: Shawn Stasiak
Interview By: Andy Steven
Date: September 18, 2007
Andy Steven: Firstly I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview for

You are the son of former pro wrestler & WWF champion Stan "The Man" Stasiak, how was it growing up having a champion wrestler as a father?

Shawn Stasiak: It was very unique and dynamic. Everywhere we went whether it was the grocery store, restaurants, walking through a mall, a park, at the pool, etc. You name it; he was recognized and asked for autographs. I really looked up to him as a Father and as a wrestling hero. I idealized for what he did and ultimately that is what inspired me to want to get into the wrestling business myself. He also inspired me to want to become a doctor of chiropractic as when I was a little boy, I would jump up and down on his back as if it was a game, all the while his back would pop here and pop there and giving him some temporally back pain relief. And he used to always talk about how much he loved going to the chiropractor's office. He was such a character. So funny, he was like a big kid and used to always make me laugh. He was a very caring and loving father. He will continue to be missed.

Andy Steven: You made your WWE debut in April 99 and were released in December of the same year; reports suggested you were recording conversations with wrestlers. Was that the real reason for your release, and what were the alleged conversations about?

Shawn Stasiak: Apparently it was believed that I was tape recording some of the wrestlers' conversations in the locker room without their consent. The truth of it all is that I had no wrongful intent whatsoever as I played a joke in a car and in an airport with some particular wrestlers I was traveling with and was going to play back to them what I had recorded earlier of them arguing and acting like little girls as everyone was irritable and tired that day. The joke/prank back fired as the next day, someone went through my gym bag and found the recorder and played it back to only hear the people being recorded on it. It made me look real bad in everyone's eyes and looking back; I understand how everyone felt as I probably would have felt the same. I never had the chance to really explain myself as no one really wanted to listen. Two weeks later, the company (WWE)released me and I ended up going to WCW which I ended up being treated more fair and used more productive. So in essence, it was a blessing in disguise. Bottom line is is that there was absolutely no wrongful intent. It was a stupid thing to do looking back at it all but people make mistakes and if at the time if everyone could have only known that that was just me always messing around with tape recorders, video camera's, etc. They would know that I had been doing that for years growing up in high school and undergrad and that it was all just for fun. That's it, that's all. But you live and learn. And that's just life!

Andy Steven: You signed with WCW in 2000, how different was it from WWE, do you feel you were treated better their and why?

Shawn Stasiak: Yes, I actually enjoyed working with WCW better than with WWE because they gave me more good TV time, was a two time WCW tag team champion, used me more productively, made more money, got to be on PPV's, travel the world and have a fair chance to develop some on air on camera personalities that helped refine skills in the ring and on promos.

I never really got that with WWE. Ironically enough, my father worked for that promotion and that was the only wrestling company I ever wanted to work for as I felt a lineage and a loyalty for some reason.

I am fortunate and grateful to get my training and start with the WWE but ultimately at the end of the day, they never gave me the ball or the opportunity to develop my skills to the level that I know I can be at and where and who I have become today. I have found other means to get to my refined skills of what I have today. And a lot of those is being a real person as well as a wrestling entertainer.

Andy Steven: You worked with Curt Hennig in WCW & WWE, feuding and teaming with him. What were your experiences of working with him?

Shawn Stasiak: I always looked up to Curt Hennig. In fact, it was during one of his matches that I was watching when I was back in high school and knew at that point that I wanted to be a professional wrestler one hundred percent. He was a great wrestling entertainer, athlete, and character inside and definitely outside the ring. It was an honor for me to work both with and against him during my career.

Andy Steven: Was there much of a difference of drug use in WCW & WWE? Was it easy to cheat the drug testing?

Shawn Stasiak: To be honest. I didn't ask everybody what they were on or how much or if they were even on anything to begin with. It wasn't any of my business. It is obvious that there were larger than life human beings walking around back stage but I can't speculate as that wouldn't be fair. I feel personally that a fair share may have been used but once again that is purely speculation. I was tested at least once maybe twice with WCW and I can't recall if at all with WWE but I passed and no I did not cheat. I simply was clean. I know that the WWE has implemented a pretty strict drug testing policy as of late or even within the last couple of years from my understanding. That's all I know about that.

Andy Steven: When you heard that WWE had brought WCW what were you and the other WCW stars thinking? Were there different reactions to Shane McMahon's presence?

Shawn Stasiak: I didn't even see any of the WWE representies that day. I heard that they were there but never saw anyone backstage or anywhere until Shane McMahon walked out on live television during the broadcast. I think there were quite a few talent feeling a sense of insecurity as that would be normal if their jobs were on the line. But honestly, I felt confident that my contract would be of the ones that would be bought over and that I would be back with the WWE. I may have had a thought or two regarding my situation on why they let me go the first time and if enough time had elapsed for me to make a return. But I ultimately felt good about my over all performance with the year I was with WCW and felt that they (WWE) knew that I had improved and grew some wisdom being away working with the other company as that company gave me the time and effort.

Andy Steven: Was there any politics between the stars that were brought in from WCW and the WWE stars?

Shawn Stasiak: I am sure that there was. There is always politics involved in any business. Especially the wrestling business. Knowing the mentality of that industry, I am sure there were plenty of existing WWE talent worrying and wondering if their "spot" would be replaced by someone else, especially with a WCW talent. So I think that created a little tension and maybe some animosity among talent backstage. I also think it made some matches better too. When ever someone feels their job is in jeopardy and must perform to an up and above performance will usually create a better product. Whether it is for a position, ratings, money, etc…

Andy Steven: How do you feel you were treated by the WWE when you signed with them once again, and would you return to WWE again?

Shawn Stasiak: I am always grateful for any opportunity that anyone gives me. Especially when I signed each time with WWE. But it became very frustrating especially after the second time I was there. I came in shape all year around, I could speak well, I could have a good match, I had the size, shape, athletism, passion and determination and not to mention a built in legacy with my father being Stan "The Man" Stasiak. An original pioneer of the WWE and the fifth wrestler in the history of the WWE to become champion. Back in his time it was referred to as the WWWF. But same promotion. My dad worked mainly for Vince's father. My dad had nothing but good things to say about him as he treated my dad very fair. I don't know what happen to me and today's Vince McMahon. Maybe he didn't like my father and took it out on me???(lol) who knows! Although I am very grateful to have the experiences I had with the WWE good and bad, I am thankful. Because no one would know who I was if the WWE didn't give me the opportunity to start on the platform that I did. But looking back at my career with them, I didn't even scratch the surface of what my potential as a professional wrestling entertainer could have been. I never really got a fair opportunity to show case or even develop my talents to refine myself to a Shawn Stasiak level that fans would have really gravitated towards. I have so many people come up to me especially over the last couple of years and ask what happened? Why didn't they use you better? We really wanted something to happen as we dug you but just needed a reason to really care. Stuff like that. And today I get that more than ever as I am in the best physical shape of my life. I am also by far so much more mentally and spiritually stronger as well. I am definitely a much more refined and improved man both in the ring and most importantly outside the ring.

I would consider making a return especially with the WWE if they only gave me a fair opportunity. The contract would have to be right too. I don't need the wrestling business. I fortunately had another passion in becoming a doctor of chiropractic and that is what I have become today as I graduated last September. It took 4 years of chiropractic medical school and passing of all of my national boards and trust me it wasn't easy. In fact, it was the hardest thing I ever had to endure in my life as not only did I push myself mentally but pushed myself in the gym most nights and mornings of the week to stay in peak physical shape. So you can say that I had to reach deep down and find my character. It was humbling but I made it through and that is where I am today. I have another new passion and that is to develop my motivational speaking career within the chiropractic, health, wellness, and fitness realm. I want to be in an office about half the time working with my patients and the other half spreading good information about ways for people to live a healthier and enchanting life. I plan to do this on a world wide basis. I just finished being in a film documentary entitled Shawn Stasiak Determined. It has a lot of diversity and substance to it that I feel most people of all genders, ages, and cultures will be able to take from and make positive changes in their lives. That is my mission and one of my main purposes in this world is to make positive changes in as many of people's lives I come into contact with on a physical, mental, and spiritual plane. But I would definitely consider making a return to the wrestling business only if the terms were finally done right. I am a humble and respectful man but I will call a spade a spade and if given the right opportunity especially with TNA or WWE or any major wrestling promotion, just get behind me, give me the ball and see what happens. I can almost rest assure that any wrestling promoter will not regret their investment as I can make them a lot of money. Especially now at this stage of my life. Hey, here's an idea. How about not have me be the wild e. coyote running into walls and milk trucks and trip over everything and realize that if I were to win the WWE championship one day that I could actually make WWE history as that would be the very first time a father/son duo had ever attained that feat. Wow, what a great story line an idea that could be told to build to that pinnacle moment. But it was just a thought! Time will tell. Either way I will be ok with or without the WWE title. But it does have a nice ring to it. Shawn Stasiak, the winner and NEW WWE CHAMPION!!!

Andy Steven: You were released in September 2002, what was the reason for your released?

Shawn Stasiak: Don't know and probably never will. I would imagine backstage politics??? Hey maybe if I was I chiropractor back then, they would have kept me as they would have needed me for their necks and backs??? Just a thought! Boy do I bring so much value to the table!

Andy Steven: What is your opinion on drugs in wrestling and how do you feel the TV media are treating the Benoit case?

Shawn Stasiak: I think it has been a problem of the past. I think there is a difference between use and abuse. I think that their could be those who are abusing their bodies with what they could be taking and the amounts and combinations of what they could be taking but I don't know for sure and am not going to point fingers at anyone in particular. I have my speculations but it would not be fair to single out any one person because I don't know for sure who is doing what or if anything at all.

I think their should be off seasons in the WWE. Make it so that talent works the road for 3-4 months and then have a month to a month and a half off to help recover their bodies and be with their families. Create a contract so that maybe you make a little more when your on the road as business must go on but for those who are at home resting still get a pay check to support their families but at the same time get the rest they truly need both physically and mentally. Maybe this could cut down or even eliminate those who do use substances for whatever the reason.

Remember, the word steroids have such a bad stigma associated with it and is a term that is used so vague. In some cases and in more recent research, it shows that there are actually physiological and mental benefits in therapeutic steroid use. I am not condoning the use of steroids but just stating some facts supporting the therapeutic use of them for some people.

The Benoit issue is horrifying and very sad. But it happened and nothing can be done about it now. The media by nature seems to always look for the most negative in most stories around the world. That is what our society unfortunately seems to thrive on. Of course, people want answers. I want answers. But all that is ever going to come out of this whole situation as to why it happened and what ultimately caused it; we will never really know the answer. We can only speculate unless some hard fact evidence comes out to explain how and why. It could have been any one isolated reason or a combination of reasons why. But we will never really understand why. All we can do is pray for them and for their family and friends.

Andy Steven: I would like to thank you very much once again for taking this time to take part in this interview for, I wish you the best of luck in the future and do you have any messages to say to your fans and what is next for Shawn Stasiak?

Shawn Stasiak: Yes, I would like to say hello to all of my fans. A special thank you to all of those who supported me and would have stood behind me no matter what. I didn't realize how many fans I truly had until the last couple of years of being away from the mainstream.

My life has changed for the better and I know I am on a whole new path that is going to make a difference in many peoples lives in a good way. I hope that you all go to to order my documentary film entitled "Shawn Stasiak Determined." Which will be released in a few weeks. I strongly feel that most of you will be pleasantly surprised with what you get out of it. You will have an opportunity to get to know the real Shawn that you never could have known from my past experiences on television wrestling. I hope you all enjoy it and pass the information on to others. I will have a website up and running within the next month or so that I would like everybody to check out. Right now I have a my space page. and I am just learning how to use it so bear with me folks. And my website will be

And if I ever get a real opportunity. A real fair chance to do something with merit in the wrestling business, I promise I will stand for who Shawn really is. A Shawn Stasiak that most if not everyone can relate to and look up to as a good role model especially for younger kids. That is my true love and passion. To contribute to a positive life that one will live. This is one of my callings in life while I am here.

Thank you for the opportunity in having me conduct this interview. Best, Shawn.


WWE Sends Letter to Ex-performers

World Wrestling Entertainment is sending letters to formerly contracted performers offering to pay for drug and/or alcohol treatment. According to one person who has received it, the letter is printed on WWE stationery and is hand-signed by Vince McMahon himself. Here is a transcript of the letter WWE is sending out to their ex-performers:

Over the last ten years, an inordinate number of wrestlers have passed away. Some of those deaths may in part have been caused by drugs and alcohol.

In an effort to prevent such tragedies in the future, the WWE is willing to pay for drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation at a certified treatment chosen by WWE for any performer with a prior WWE booking contract who may need this service. The WWE will pay for this service in full.

There is no cost to you or your family. Help will be provided regardless of the circumstances of your departure from the WWF or the amount of time you performed for the WWE.

If you do not have a drug and/or alcohol problem, but know you know a former WWE performer who does, we are asking you to try to help them by encouraging them to take advantage of this opportunity.

Liz Difabio has been appointed as a representative in this matter. Liz has been with the company for over 24 years and has been directly involved with the majority of WWE performers who have received treatment for substance abuse. She understands emotions that individuals and family members go through in this process. Any conversation you have with Liz will remain confidential and will not be released to the public.

In many instances, an individual in need of help is in denial and will not want rehabilitation. There are professional intervention companies that will help persuade that person that they need treatment. Liz will be able to facilitate such interventions, should they be necessary. An intervention and treatment will be at the cost of WWE exclusively.

This service is being provided for performers with a prior WWE booking contract only. No family or friends. Please reach out to Liz if you think you might have a drug or alcohol problem or if you know someone who does. We all need to do anything we can to help prevent another tragedy.


Vincent K. McMahon
Chairman, World Wrestling Entertainment

Credit: Pro Wrestling Torch

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

TNA Coming to Birmingham 10-11-07

Championship Wrestling Best of the Best Cup

Championship Wrestling
Best of the Best Cup
THIS Saturday, September 22, 2007
Kingsport, TN
Civic Auditorium
Special Bell Time - 7:00 pm

This event will feature 10 matches, therefore the bell time has been moved to 7:00 PM to make room for the extra 4 matches.

There will be NO increase in the usual ticket prices. 4 extra matches at no extra charge!

***Main Event***
Best of the Best Cup Finals
The winners of the 6 Best of the Best Matches
will face off in a 6 Way Elimination Match
for the Best of the Best Cup

Grudge Tag Team Match
National Champion Big Steve Fury & SoW Champion Big Pimp James
O-Dog & Greg Rocker

Dream Tag Team Partner Tag Match
CW TV Champion Thorn w/Kandy & "Power House" Ray Idol
"Mister Wrestling" Adam York & "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton

Best of the Best Cup Match # 1
Tony "The Dragon" Givens w/Moe Jenkins vs. "Pure Talent" Eric Darkstorm

Best of the Best Cup Match # 2"Notorious" Nick Hammonds vs. "High Risk" Robbie Cassidy w/Moe Jenkins

Best of the Best Cup Match # 3
ECW Star, EZ Money vs. "Mr. Insane" Bryan Wayne w/John Hawkins

Best of the Best Cup Match # 4
The Mysterious Ginn vs. "The Real Deal" Chase Owens

Best of the Best Cup Match # 5
"The Blackanese Assassin" Menace vs. Brad Thomas

Best of the Best Cup Match # 6
"Sensational" Wayne Adkins vs. The Super Destroyer w/John Hawkins

$5,000 Tennessee Stampede
Any member of the Championship Wrestling orStars of Wrestling roster is eligible to compete!

Already signed for this match:
Moe Jenkins
Tri-Cities Champion "Young Guns" Cody Ices
"X-Rated" Wayne Daniels w/Barbie
Danny Gibson
Brett Gibson
& More Wrestlers to be named!

The Debut of Mike Blade!

The Return of "Handsome" Beau James

Card Subject to Change