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Carlito Leaving WWE

It has been all but confirmed that Carlito is leaving WWE. He recently gave his notice and he is expected to finish up with the company sometime in December.

No details have come out yet regarding his contract term, which would obviously prevent him from jumping to TNA right away. For the duration of the deal, they'll probably let him work wherever he wants except TNA, so the duration of the rest of the current deal is key here.


OVW About to be History?!

Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), once the main training ground for WWE stars, may be in trouble. The future of the organization appears uncertain. Talent is slowly moving from OVW to Florida Championship Wrestling, leaving OVW's roster with a thin 12-15 developmental wrestlers, compared with 30-40 a few months ago.

Morale has been extremely low down there, the most recent incident occurring when Triple H and HBK spent time scouting and had nothing but bad things to say. The impression being that "we are looking for the next big thing but none of you are it." (That is not a quote). This may be a reflection of OVW's trainers and management and WWE's view of them, rather than the talent themselves.

Al Snow the head trainer has also gained somewhat of a negative reputation in recent months.
It may be too early to tell, but it seems that OVW might be on its way out.


Terri Runnels Speaks Out

Terri Runnels appeared in an interview on FOX News earlier this week. Runnels was asked if she felt Vince McMahon was to blame for the steroid problem in wrestling. Terri replied, "Vince McMahon is not a babysitter who tells men and women when to eat, sleep and take a nap, he does not run a day care!" She also added, "Vince McMahon employs adults not children, those adults must be responsible for their own actions!" When asked about her feelings on the wrestling industry, she said, "I have seen some negative things in the wrestling business, but also experienced some wonderful memories...very much like what most individuals experience in their everyday lives. I also have made many friends that I hold near and dear to my heart."


A - 1 Retires

According to his MySpace page, former TNA wrestler Alastair Ralphs aka "A-1" has announced his retirement from wrestling ( The reason for his retirement was not given.


Breaking News About the Future of ASWF

Breaking News!

ASWF Promoter and co-owner, Aaron Polston, has sold his share of ASWF to one of his partners, David Walls, effective today, 12-03-07. Polston had wanted to make some changes and improvements to the ASWF product, but his partners did not want to make the changes. In order to keep the ASWF organization together for the fans in Tuckerman, AR, where ASWF is based, Aaron offered to let his partner buy him out, and his partner accepted. The ASWF name and all equipment went with the buy out. Effective immediately, Polston and his former ASWF partners will go separate ways. ASWF will continue to run shows in Tuckerman on Saturday nights under the new ownership.

Aaron Polston's plans are to go to Jonesboro, Arkansas, to help start a new organization, called Royal Wrestling Alliance. The group will have shows at The Kings Palace in Jonesboro. The main owner of the organization is Frank Martin. Also involved are Ken Wayne and Rodney Mack. There is one other partner, who is well-known in wrestling in the Mid-South area, whose name I cannot release at this time. Polston's role in the new group will be that of partner and promoter. Polston says the new group should be up and running some time in February. In addition to weekly shows, the group will be on television in Jonesboro and will be doing Internet pay per views.

Polston says he has no heat with the owners of ASWF and wishes them well.

Hulk To Linda, Pay Your Own, Woman!

CLEARWATER -- Hulk Hogan says in a court filing that his wife, seeking half of the famed wrestler's estate and alimony in a divorce action, can support herself and can help support their minor son.Hogan's petition, filed Wednesday under his real name of Terry Bollea, also says their son Nick, who is 17 and no longer a student, is old enough to decide which parent he wants to live with.Nick Bollea is facing charges of reckless driving involving serious bodily injury in connection with an Aug. 26 crash in downtown Clearwater that left his friend, Iraq War veteran John Graziano, badly injured.Graziano, 22, is incapacitated and is expected to spend the rest of his life in a nursing home. His parents, who are estranged and represented by separate lawyers, have indicated they intend to sue the Bollea family.As part of the criminal case, Graziano's mother said in a deposition filed Wednesday that Nick Bollea told her he crashed his 1998 Toyota Supra after hitting a puddle he could not avoid."He said they were driving, and he saw a puddle, and he tried to avoid it, but there was a car next to him that he couldn't get around," Deborah Graziano told prosecutors. "So, they hit the puddle and hydroplaned."She also said Hogan told her he was "very upset" that Nick Bollea took the yellow Supra and that if he had not been in the shower he would not have let his son take the car."He said ... he always takes too long in the shower, and the kids were tired of waiting for him," she said. "And if he didn't take so long maybe they would have waited for him and then they wouldn't have taken that car and gone."Hogan's petition asks that parental responsibility be shared but that Nick Bollea "is fully capable of deciding with whom he will reside."Linda Bollea wants wherever she decides to live to be Nick Bollea's primary residence, with Hogan allowed liberal visitation, her petition states.Hogan wants the couple's assets and liabilities equitably distributed. He intends to continue the family's health insurance coverage, the petition states.The couple also have a daughter, Brooke, 18.Linda Bollea's attorney, Elliot Jay Goldstein, said Thursday he already filed a response to Hogan's petition by mail. He would not discuss what it said.Hogan's attorney, Ann Loughridge Kerr, could not be reached.

Credit The Tampa Tribune

Happy Birthday To The King!!

Happy Birthday to Jerry "The King" Lawler. He's the reason that I watch Monday Night Raw. Happy Birthday to The King from all the fans and writers at the Wrestling News Center.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

This Day in Wrestling History

On this date in 1998 Bret Hart defeated Diamond Dallas Page for the WCW United States Championship.

Turning Point PPV Card

Here is the card (as of now) for TNA's Turning Point PPV this Sunday from Orlando, Florida:

Six Man Tag Team War
The Angle Alliance (Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, & Tomko) vs. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall & Samoa Joe.

Booker T & Kaz vs. Christian Cage & Robert Roode.

Match of 10,000 Tacks
Abyss & Rhino vs. Black Reign & Rellik.

Six Man Tag Team Tables Match
Team 3D & Johnny Devine vs. The Motorcity Machineguns & TNA X Jay Lethal.

TNA Women's Championship Match
Gail Kim (c) vs. Awesome Kong.

Feast or Fired Match
15 TNA Superstars compete for TNA World Title shots.

Eric Young vs. James Storm.

ODB & Roxxi Laveaux vs. Angelina Love & Velvet Sky.

Best & Worst Wrestling Announcers

Here's a link to an article in the Baltimore Sun about wrestling announcers:

Flair's Wife Has Some Nice Curves....

Here's a recent pix of Ric Flair and his wife....

Ric Flair Needs to Retire?!!!

Here's a link to an article in the Charlotte Observer about Flair:

FCW Match Results from 11-27 in New Port Richey, FL

After taking the week off with WWE Smackdown visiting Tampa, Florida Championship Wrestling resumed it’s standing Tuesday night date at Bourbon Street Night Club, 4331 US 19N in New Port Richey.

(1) Johnny Curtis defeated Tommy Taylor. Things began with some sportsmanship and chain wrestling but that ended when Taylor looked like he was going to break clean, but punched and then poked Curtis in the eye and attacked the left knee. Taylor went to work dissecting Curtis’ left knee with a variety of holds but couldn’t get the submission. In fact Curtis kicked out of a hold and it sent Taylor into a corner chest first. The two men traded two count pin attempts but Curtis got a forward roll that Taylor couldn’t kick out of.

(2) Derick Linkin (w/the Bella Twins) defeated Ichiban (w/Mr. Yamamoto). Yamamoto addressed the crowd in Japanese and then took out some ceremonial salt to bless the surroundings as Linkin paced in the corner. Ichiban had some trouble in the opening minutes as Linkin kept taking him down to the mat with armdrags and hiptosses. That ended when Ichiban hit a chop to the throat but all that did was tick Linkin off. The referee backed Linkin out of a corner and this allowed Ichiban to pick up some of salt residue that he used to rub into Linkin’s eyes. Ichiban used a variety of holds; legal and illegal, to wear Linkin down as the Bella’s got the crowd cheering for Linkin. Things went bad for Ichiban when he missed a rope move as Linkin was nowhere to be found. This allowed Linkin to get a second wind with a series of moves as Yamamoto argued the referee’s count was fast. Ichiban went for a savate kick but Linkin blocked it and won with a Rude Awakening. “Handsome” Heath Miller made his way to the ring for his weekly Happy Hour session where he talks all about…well himself. Actually he did have a guest Hade Vansen who talked about working in America for FCW. Vansen spent several moments mocking American customs and kept saying the venue smelled like a farm. The topic then went to their female conquests before Miller’s opponent from two weeks ago Billy Kidman was addressed. Miller began throwing insults at Kidman who had enough and came to the ring to confront Miller. Kidman reminded the people and Miller that he did win two weeks ago, but he needed help to do it. To shut the duo up, Kidman issued a challenge to both men to face him in the ring. Vansen accepted saying, “Anything Heath can do, Hade can do better!”

(3) G-Rilla, Kevin Kiley & “Super Fan” Chet Douglas defeated Jake Hager, “Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne & “Carnival Freak” Sinn Bowdee. G-Rilla and Osborne began the match with some trash talking before actually locking up but Osborne opted to let Hager start for his team. Both men went to lock up but opted to strut their wares for the ringside fans. When they did lock up G-Rilla controlled it with power moves before bringing in Douglas who was pumped up as usual. But Hager countered out of a headlock and tagged in Bowdee who ran right into an armlock that allowed Kiley to tag in for his team. But Kiley was too occupied with getting his hands on Osborne and it cost him as a distraction allowed Osborne to trip up Kiley from the floor. That one move allowed Osborne and pals to beat down Kiley for several minutes using legal and illegal holds, using Kiley’s partners as a way to get the referee away from the violence. But G-Rilla saved Kiley from a Bowdee corner splash and it allowed Douglas to tag in and bring the pain including Hogan legdrop but all six men got involved with Hager, Bowdee and Osborne getting corner splashed by G-Rilla. Douglas finished the match off by hitting Osborne with the Stone Cold Stunner and celebrating with the fans.

(4) Steve Lewington defeated Sheamus. This all-British Isle affair was hard hitting from the opening bell with both men trying to get control quick. Lewington went to work on Sheamus’ left arm before being victim to a test of strength. Lewington fought up from his knees and hit Sheamus with a dropkick but he got hit with a kick to the stomach. Sheamus went for a move but Lewington countered into a head scissor for two. Sheamus went to the apron to grab his battle axe but ended up hitting Lewington with a Hot Shot. This allowed Sheamus to attack Lewington’s massive neck with a vise submission hold and a chokes using the ropes for leverage. Lewington fought back with forearms to the Irishman’s face and back suplex for two. Lewington’s second rope flying elbow also got two and a half with the fans thinking the match was over. But it continued as Sheamus tried to get the win with a spinning battle axe shot but Lewington ducked and won with what looked like a belly to belly suplex.

(5) Rycklon & “Rapid” Robert Anthony defeated Ted DiBiase Jr. & “the Natural” Nick Nemeth (w/Big Rob). After claming he was the reason a certain famous couple was getting divorced, Nemeth hid behind his bodyguard when his opponents hit the ring. Actually he did decide to wrestle but if you call running from Anthony on every lock up attempt wrestling, then that’s what Nemeth did. When he did lock up with Anthony and Rycklon, Nemeth screamed his head off in pain from armlocks. Nemeth was able to get some distance and tag in DiBiase who was slammed to the mat by Rycklon. Rycklon went for the win by press slamming his partner into DiBiase for a two count. But the offense ended as Anthony got too close to his opponent’s corner and he was decked with punches. Nemeth and DiBiase made several well timed tags wearing down Anthony but couldn’t get the pin or submission. They used anything legal and illegal they could but it wasn’t enough as Nemeth missed a top rope leg drop. This allowed Anthony to hit a back cracker as DiBiase and Rycklon bailed on the floor. Chris Gray tried to save Nemeth from tapping out to a Texas Cloverleaf but Bryan Kelly came out and attacked Gray. Nemeth fought out of the hold as the referee was occupied with the fighting on the floor. Nemeth went to confront Kelly for interfering in his match and got tattooed with a punch loaded with brass knuckles that allowed Anthony to get the pinfall for his team.

(6) Billy Kidman defeated Hade Vansen (w/“Handsome” Heath Miller) via DQ. Before the bell even rang Miller tried to trip up Kidman which caused the referee to eject Miller from ringside. Whatever plan Vansen might have had went out the window and he had to make it up on the fly as Kidman kept Vansen on the mat with chain wrestling holds. Vansen bailed to the floor for a new plan but Kidman went up top only to be too slow as Vansen caught him and dropkicked him to the floor. Vansen went to work on Kidman’s back sending him into the ring apron and the sound booth wall before returning to the ring. Vansen kept on the back and added several shots to the neck for good measure as he talked the Queen’s English to his opponent. Kidman fought out of a chinlock but missed a second rope body block which allowed Vansen to hit an Exploder for two. Vansen went back to the chinlock but Kidman fought to his feet once more. This time Vansen was backed into a corner and rolled forward allowing Kidman to hit an enziguri but he couldn’t follow with a cover. Both men laid in the chest chops but Kidman hit an atomic drop and a lariat for two. But Vansen fought back with a running knee and a lariat of his own for two. Kidman countered out of a hold into a gusbuster but got two. The referee went to check on Vansen and this allowed Heath Miller a chance to come back in and hit Kidman with a DDT. Vansen got two and the referee argued with Miller for being at ringside. This caused trouble for all parties as Kidman ducked a move and Vansen crashed into Miller. Kidman went to win with the Shooting Star Press but Miller tripped him on the top causing the referee to call for the DQ. Miller got in the ring and attacked Kidman with some help from Vansen but that was broken up by Johnny Curtis who had a chair to even up the sides. But Miller and Vansen thought better and decided to fight another day.

(7) Kofi Kingston defeated FCW Southern Heavyweight champion Afa Jr. via DQ. Afa’s mind must have been elsewhere because Kingston kicked his ass around the ring in the opening minutes of the match. But that ended when a ten punch count in the corner was countered by Afa with a modified snake eyes. Afa proceeded to attack Kingston’s neck with a series of moves that got him several two counts. Afa went for a power bomb but Kingston blocked it, so Afa switched and went for a neck nerve hold. But Kingston fought out only to be picked up for the power bomb once more or so Afa thought as Kingston countered into a backdrop. Kingston fought back with punches and kicks trying to wear the champion down, even hitting his finishing double legdrop to the chest but Afa fought out. Afa countered a cross body block and got two even using the tights. This caused Afa to slide out of the ring and pick up the title belt, singaling he had enough of the Jamaican but it was all a ruse as Afa tossed a chair into the ring. Kingston went to pick it up and the referee stopped him. As the referee went to put the chair on the floor, Afa hit Kingston with the title belt causing the DQ from the referee. But Afa wasn’t finished bringing folding chairs and a ten foot ladder into the ring. Afa laid Kingston on the chairs and climbed up top ready to land. But TJ Wilson came out to defend his friend. Afa came down and confronted Wilson about the interference. Wilson said that if Afa wanted to play with ladders he challenged Afa to a ladder match this Saturday night for the FCW Southern championship!

"Angel of Death" Passes Away

Multiple sources have confirmed that "Angel of Death" Dave Sheldon, passed away this past weekend at his home in Bedford, TX. No other details are available at the moment. Sheldon worked for many North American territories during the 1980s and early 1990s including Stampede Wrestling, World Class Championship Wrestling, and Bill Watts's Universal Wrestling Federation as the bodyguard of The Freebirds. Sheldon was also part of the California-based Powerteam USA group, which included Sting, "Ultimate Warrior" Jim Hellwig and Mark Miller. he first started wrestling with Stampede Wrestling with Owen Hart, Brian Pillman, and Chris Benoit.

Credit: Bob Magee @ Pro Wrestling Between the Sheets Message Board

Candice Michelle Returning on New Years Eve (?)

Local promos here in Greensboro, NC for the final RAW of 2007 here at the Greensboro Coliseum are advertising the WWE return of Candice Michelle. Candice was projected to be out for six to eight weeks after she was injured on the 10/22 edition of RAW. That final RAW of 2007 will tape Saturday, December 29th and air on that Monday which is New Year's Eve.

Sting Not Being Used by TNA

At this point, Sting isn't being booked by TNA, at least until he decides to accept TNA's contract offer. He is currently booked for TNA's house shows in Mexico in a few weeks. This could end up being his last official dates with the company.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Last Week!!

Be sure to email Tia,this is the last week to nominate your favorites for the following categories.

Nominate who you think should win the 2007 Wrestling News Center Awards in the following categories: Wrestler of 2007
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Hulk purchased beer for son & friends

Clearwater, Florida -- Racing, speed and alcohol — those are all details contained in the official report regarding the August crash involving Hulk Hogan's son Nick Bollea.Late Tuesday afternoon, authorities released a 133-page report detailing parts of their investigation and painting a picture of a teen driving way too fast.
On August 26, Bollea crashed his father’s yellow Toyota Supra into a palm tree in Clearwater. His passenger and friend, 22-year-old John Graziano, was critically injured.
Bollea’s friends, Barrett Lawrance and Daniel Jacobs, were in a silver Dodge at the crash scene.
In the report, Bollea’s friends detail the hours leading up to the crash, including a beer-buying spree at Albertson’s and a day of drinking on Hulk Hogan’s boat.
Days after the crash, an anonymous tip led police to the liquor store at an Albertson’s store in Clearwater.
A store clerk told police Hulk Hogan, “his son Nick and several other young males” had picked up several cases of beer earlier that day.
“She said that Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea) paid for the purchase with either a credit card or a debit card as he signed for the purchase. She said Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea) carried out two of the packages of beer and one of the other young men carried out the third package of beer,” read the police narrative.
An officer later returned to Albertson’s and obtained a copy of the receipt for Hogan’s purchase. A description was included in the police report:

2 cases of Miller Lite beer for $11.99 each2 cases of Corona Extra beer for $13.99 each1 case of Miller Chill beer for $10.995 bags of ice for $1.99 each
Both Jacobs and Lawrance say they then cruised around in Hulk’s boat, along with Graziano, Bollea and Hulk.

Around 2:30 in the afternoon, they say they cruised by Shephard’s Tiki Bar in Clearwater Beach but decided it was too crowded. They say they didn’t get out of the boat, and instead, headed to Three Rooker Island.
Later, the group returned to Shephard’s. All parties interviewed say Bollea was not allowed into the bar area at Shephard’s because he was underage.
Police spoke to a bouncer at Shephard’s, who told them Bollea’s friends were holding bottles of Corona beer when they came up to the bar “except Nicholas Bollea who was holding a large greenish colored plastic cup.”
Jacobs says the group left Shephard’s after about an hour. They say they then went back to the Hogan’s mansion in Belleair, “lounged by the pool,” took showers and left at about 7 p.m.
The four left in two separate cars, both owned by Hulk Hogan. Bollea and Graziano got into the yellow Supra, and Jacobs and Lawrance took the silver Dodge Viper. The plan was to go to dinner at Arigato’s Steakhouse in Clearwater.
On the way, Lawrance said the Supra, the Viper, a motorcycle and another vehicle stopped at a red light at the intersection of Court Street and Missouri Avenue.
When the light turned green, Lawrance said Jacobs cut in front of the motorcycle to pass Bollea. They did, and then they heard the crash behind them. Lawrance told investigators the Supra was probably going “at or near 100 miles per hour.” Both Jacobs and Lawrance said they were not racing with Bollea. Several of the people who called 9-1-1 disagree.
10 News contacted Bollea's attorney, Morris "Sandy" Weinberg, Jr. He said he had not seen the report and could not comment.

Credit Janie Porter

The Rock to appear on RAW

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been contacted along with loads of other big names to appear on the December 10th three hour special addition of Raw. WWE are doing all they can to bring in some surprises and make the show really special.

Sid Vicious on WWE return rumors

Former WCW and WWF superstar Sid Vicious appeared on the Live Audio Wrestling radio show last night. Vicious confirmed rumors that he is hoping to make a return to WWE. Vicious said he had been in talks with Vince McMahon. "We have been talking for awhile now, and we are trying to get things worked out," Vicious said. When asked about possibly joining TNA, Vicious said the company is unable to help him reach his many goals including wrestling in front of 80,000 fans again.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Huckabee stumps with Ric Flair

COLUMBIA, S.C. - Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee carved out a corner of South Carolina's biggest annual sporting event Saturday, drawing a throng of supporters to a college football tailgate appearance with former pro wrestler "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

"We're going to have some fun throughout the campaign and I think that's what will help us to win when it's all over," said Huckabee, a former Arkansas governor who also has been endorsed by actor Chuck Norris.

Huckabee, speaking alongside his wife and former South Carolina Gov. David Beasley in a stadium parking lot before the University of South Carolina took on Clemson, touched briefly on foreign policy and taxes before posing for pictures and shaking hands with supporters.

Huckabee said he thinks the next terror attack on the U.S. will be "postmarked Pakistan" but said he believes that nation will continue to cooperate with American anti-terrorism efforts. Still, he added, "If there is an imminent threat to the American people, then I think it is the responsibility of a president of this country to do whatever he has to do to protect you, me and the rest of us standing here."

The Southern Baptist minister also took a swipe at GOP rival Mitt Romney when asked about the former Massachusetts governor's opposition to abortion.

"He's come along. Even if he's a little late, better late than never," said Huckabee.

Flair, known for his "Whooo!" yell, said Huckabee has the best vision for the country. "He likes to see people enjoy life," Flair said.

Huckabee brushed aside questions about which South Carolina team he was backing, preferring to focus on his Arkansas Razorbacks' upset win Friday over No. 1 Louisiana State University.

Referring to the Razorbacks' rallying cry, he said, "Just remember that the first part of 'Whooo, pig, sooie!' is 'Whooo!'"

By EVAN BERLAND, Associated Press Writer

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chyna gets Denied-Twice

Poor, poor Chyna, she done gone and changed her name back to her wrestling moniker, but can't find anyone to tussle with -- both in the ring and elsewhere!

TMZ caught the allegedly rehabbed train wreck outside of Les Deux over the weekend, where she was rambling about Vince McMahon not accepting her offer to take her on -- while she was simultaneously denied a kiss from a bystander.

Go here to the video of Chyna

Monday, November 26, 2007

"Thanksgiving Throwdown" (MAW) Results from 11-25-07 in Memphis

Rockin Randy def. Dell Tucker and Shannon Lee in a triple threat match

“Asylum” [Psycho/Arnez] def. “Genocide” [Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino] (this is where Maxx was hurt)

Reno Diamond Vs Tatt2 was a no contest after both men pinned their shoulders to the mat.

Derrick King, Rockin Randy, and Johnny Dotson made their way to the ring to say that have put a nail into the coffin of MAW and after tonight, it was done. KC Gold's music hit, but he was no where to be seen. The lights went off a few at a time until it was dark in the arena with one light on the ring until a spotlight in the balcony came on showing KC Gold, where he was the last show bleeding. He had 3 men with their backs turn as he talked with Derrick and them. Over the course of the interview, it was reveled that tonight’s main event would be a 6 man with Derrick King, Johnny Dotson, and Rockin Randy taking on KC hand picked wrestlers - Rude, Alan Steel, and Carnage Antwane. The light in the balcony turned off as his music played again and then the lights came back on in the Daisy with the balcony emptied again.

“Black Label Society” [Robbie Douglas/AJ Bradley] def. Jon Michael and Precious

The Gladiator def. Ike Turner

Slim Pickens def. Tommy Redneck, Big Country, and Idol Bane

Flash Flanagan def. TGB, Chris Lexx, and Danny B. Good to become the Unified Champion of MAW, LAW, IWA, and TLCW.

King, Randy, and Dotson def. Antwane, Steel, and Rude when Derrick super kicked Carnage and pinned him. After the match, KC Gold made the announcement that Armageddon had come for Derrick King. Out came two VERY huge men, one in a black mask and the other not, and they choke slammed Dotson, Randy, and Derrick a few times before the night was over.


Raw House Show Results from 11/25/07 in Greenville, SC

Hardcore Holly defeated Carlito.

Vladimir Kozlov defeated Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Paul London & Brian Kendrick defeated World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch via DQ.

Snitsky defeated Super Crazy.

Mickie James & Maria defeated WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix & Melina.

Mr. Kennedy defeated Cody Rhodes.

Randy Orton defeated Jeff Hardy.

Triple H defeated Umaga in a Steel Cage Match.

PCW Match Results from 11-24 in sarasota, FL

Official Results from Planet Championship Wrestling
November 24th
Robarts Arena
Sarasota, Florida

Hector Guerrero defeated “Superhero” Mark Zout

“Mr. Technical” Barry Horowitz wrestled to a 15 minute time limit draw with Ricky Santana

Battle of the Giants
“Jungle” Jim Steele defeated the Navy Seal

Cuban Heavyweight Title Match
Fidel Sierra “The Cuban Assassin" managed by Fantasy retained his Cuban Heavyweight Title defeating Glamour Boy Shane

PCW World Tag Team Title Match
Shane Twins (Mike and Todd) managed by the “Hardcore Giant” Ron Niemi retained their tag titles defeating Hurricane Castillo & Rico Suave

Big Vito defeated Kip James

Nasty Boys (managed by Greg Valentine) defeated Norman Smiley & Hack "Dog" Myers managed by “Mr. Hollywood”

King Haku wrestled to a Double Count Out with “The Devil” Kevin Sullivan

Hardcore Match
Sabu defeated Eddie Colon

PCW World Title Match
Apollo retained his title defeating “The Original” Brent Dail

!BANG! TV Taping Results from Sunday Night in Ocala, FL

Before a standing room crowd at the Funking Conservatory Wrestling School in Ocala, Florida:

Dory Funk Jr. presented the New Funking Conservatory Women's Championship Belt to be defended in the second match by the champion, "The Claw," Claudia Reiff.

For the European Championship, Elvis Sharp defeated Johnny Romano with the Texas Cloverleaf.

For the New Women's Championship, The Claw defeated Vicki Von with a Cradle.

The Claw defeated Kim Dakota with a Japanese Arm Bar. Winner and still champion, "The Claw," Claudia Reiff.

For the Funking Conservatory's World Championship Belt, Shane Chung, with his protégé Pistol Peyton, won over Blain Rage when Rage was disqualified for outside interference by his protégé, Damien and the Pop Tarts.

Funking Conservatory Tag Team Championship match, Flyin' Ryan "Air Mitchell" with Sandii Skye and Elvis Sharp won over Johnny Magnum and Will Power when Power had an abdominal stretch on Elvis Sharp and Flyin' Ryan hit Will right on the chin with a well placed super kick.

The next !BANG! TV, Taping, XXStravaganza comes to the Funking Conservatory Monday December 31st. XXStravaganza will be our largest and most exciting show of the year.

Dory Funk Jr. - Coach of the Funking Conservatory

Pacman Can't Seem to Stop Causing Titans Problems

Read about his latest antics at this link:

Carlito Leaving WWE

We can now confirm that Carlito has indeed given his notice to WWE management. Unless things change he will be departing the company next month. We don’t have the specifics of his contract terms, but it is suspected that WWE will allow him to work anywhere except TNA until his deal has officially expired. The Flair promo was said to be the big message. Carlito hasn’t been happy since WrestleMania and WWE management hasn’t been happy with him since he was interviewed on Mania week and complained about him and Flair not being on the show. Right now he is scheduled for a WWC show in Puerto Rico on January 6th, 2008.

This should not come as a surprise to anyone. The handwriting has been on the wall for Carlito for quite a while.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter via

USWO/ATL card for 12/1 in Nashville

Main Event
2 out of 3 falls
Patrick Miller & Ben Jordan vs. LT Falk & New York Gangster
(if Miller & Jordan lose, they have to leave the Stadium Inn)
Xavier Mustafa & Shawn Hoodridge vs. Boy & "The Doctor of Style" Richard Lowe
Kid Dynamite vs. Kevin Dunn
3-way bad guys battle!
Damien Payne vs. Drake Craven vs. Johnny Demento
Chris Norte vs. White Tiger
and other stuff
Credit: WWRD @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

SSW Match Results from 11-22 in Kingsport, TN

Thorn (TV Champion) defeated Adam York

Alyx Winters defeated Mike Cooper

Ray Idol vs. The Desciple ended in a time limit draw

Misty and Beau James defeated Jamey Gibson and Rebecca Lynn

Robbie Cassidy defeated Tracy Smothers

Tony Givens & Moe Jenkins defeated Wayne Daniels & Nick Hamonds w/Barbie
in a Street Fight

Chris Richards & Bryan Wayne defeated Beau James & Wayne Adkins.


USWO card for 11/30 in Nashville

Main Event
USWO Championship
Winner must get pin with a superkick!
Michael Jablonski (c) vs. Chris Michaels

Special Challenge
Mitch Ryder vs. LT Falk

USWO Tag Team Championship
Luscious Quinton Quarisma & Gigolo Jay Phoenix
Kevin Dunn & Cousin Jason X

Mark Anthony vs. Eric Star

Tim Renesto vs. Ryan Jeffries

LT Falk vs. Dyronic

JC Crowe vs. New York Gangster

Shane Smalls vs. Jeremy Travis

and other stuff
Credit: WWRD @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

Flair Returns, New Storyline

Ric Flair made his return to WWE Monday night on RAW, as expected. Flair came out and acknowledged the rumors that he was there to announce his retirement. Flair said he's been away for over 6 months and has had a chance to look back on his career. He compared himself to sports legends Cal Ripken and Bret Favre - both of whom competed at the highest level despite their advanced age. Flair said that he'll NEVER retire from wrestling. He will be in this business until the day he dies. Vince McMahon then came down to the ring. He said that Ric Flair will be able to compete in WWE until his next loss. Vince said he doesn't care if Flair wins his matches by pin fall, submission, count out or disqualification. Flair will be allowed to compete until he loses a match. The first match he loses, he will be forced to retire.
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More On Hogan Divorce

Here's the link to the article:

Memphis Wrestling Primetime Results-November 24, 2007

Corey Maclin begins the program by mentioning that Koko B. Ware had a loss in his family this week. His father, J.W. Ware, passed away on Wednesday night at the age of seventy-seven. Corey dedicated the show to Mr. Ware.

They go to the studios, where Corey announces that on the show there will be a Best 2 out of 3 falls match between Too Cool 2 and Derrick King/Johnny Dotson, with the winner getting a shot at the tag straps next week.

They show the clip from last week's show, when Ali threw the fruit punch on "Mr. GQ" Brian Christopher. This was a classic confrontation and the look on Christopher's face when he got the fruit punch bath was hilarious!

Corey tries to go to break, but a video of Reggie B. Fine airs. Reggie says that he is going to sue Brian Christopher for the false comments he made last week. Reggie said, and I quote, "I am going to sue him for everything he's got. I'm going to take his gold chain. I'm going to take his goggles." You see, Reggie needs the chain and the goggles to add to his "pimp" attire. He pulls his phone out and says that his Mama is calling him and that he will call her back tommorrow. After putting the phone down, Reggie says, "Excuse me, Mama, I didn't mean to throw you on the floor like that, but you interrupted me, Baby." That was funny. He talks about taking a trip to Chicago and Hawaii with Sue Young and said that he will be back next week. Then Reggie takes a big swig of some homemade corn whisky that he said he got from Corey Maclin's daddy. At the end, Reggie hopes everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and says that he will see all of us, low budgets, next week.

Derrick King/Johnny Dotson, along with Rashard Devon make their way out and talk about Too Cool 2 and Ali/Christopher. The crowd starts chanting Bobby Brown, referring to Johnny Dotson. I didn't hear anyone chanting Sisqo this week for Derrick. King and Dotson then manage to piss off a big fan in the crowd that is bigger than both of them put together. I thought all hell was going to break loose. It's a good thing the old, grey-haired, security guard was there to get in between them.

Fire & Flame defeated Dustin Starr/Tatt2 in a good match, when Flame stuck a chain in his mask and headbutted Tatt2, enabling Fire to roll him up for the win. After the break, Corey referred back to an old team by the name of The Grapplers that used to load up their boots to beat their opponents. Just thought I would share that with all of you, old-school fans out there.

Too Cool 2 has a promo and "Goes over the bizness, Dog!" They talk about King/Dotson and Ali/Christopher.

Kevin White(sporting a new robe) with Sue Yung comes out for his match against Chris Lexx. Gary White joins Corey at the announce table. Mr. White still does not care for Sue Young. While commentating, after Corey mentioned the upcoming Fallen Legends video featuring Tojo Yamamoto, Gary said he doesn't like Japanese. He said that he don't like Japanese food and he doesn't like Japanese people. During the match, Mr. White was pushing Kevin White, by calling him the future of wrestling. Mr. White yells at Kevin that Chris is "Bill Dundee and to kick his guts out." This caught me off guard and I got a kick out of it. Kevin White defeated Chris Lexx with the "Whitehouse Neckbreaker", which is a pretty cool variation of the Angle Slam.

Corey states that beginning at the first of 2008, it will be the 75th Anniversary of Memphis Wrestling. I hope there is a big show coming up to celebrate this monumental achievement. They open the vault of Memphis Classic Wrestling, remembering the fallen stars of Memphis Wrestling with a nice video package that included: Andy Kaufman, Bad Bad Leroy Brown, Bam Bam Bigelow, Billy Joe Travis, Bruiser Brody, Curt Hennig, Dream Machine, Eddie Gilbert, Joe Leduc, Junkyard Dog, Moondog Spot, Plowboy Frazier, Rick Rude, Ricky Gibson, Road Warrior Hawk, Sam Bass, Sputnik Monroe and Tojo Yamamoto.

Brian Christopher and Ali have another confrontation. Brian wants Ali to get down on his knees and apologize for the "fruit punch incident." Brian even gets two napkins and puts them on the ground for Ali's knees. Now that's a friendly gesture. See, Brian's not so bad after all. Ali declines the offer. Brian says that he is no longer Ali's partner, throws the belt on the floor and walks off. When Ali bends down to pick up the belt, Brian attacks him and beats him down with a garbage can lid.

Derrick King/Johnny Dotson with Rashard Devon defeat Too Cool 2 in two falls to get the title shot next week. The first fall ended when Rashard hit Flex with a briefcase and put Dotson on top of him for the pin. The crowd was going crazy for Too Cool 2. The second fall was really screwed up. Flex had King up for a powerslam when Dotson hit him with a chop block from behind and King pinned him for the win. The funny part is that Tim was right beside Derrick, but he suddenly went and clotheslined Johnny over the top-rope, while the ref was counting. Not a good finish at all. They really rushed this one, because they were running out of time.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

One of Harrison's "Sex Slaves" Speaks Out

One of the girls who was a "sex slave" in Hardbody Harrison's "organization" speaks out. If even half of what she's saying is true, that sick SOB deserves a lot worse than prison. Here's the link:

NWA Main Event Press Release concerning Columbia, TN

Columbia, Tenn has been a main staple of our NWA promotion for nearly 15 years. In that time, we have brought some of the top names in professional wrestling to the area including Randy Orton, Eugene,Mark Jindrak, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Brian Christopher, Koko B. Ware, Tommy Rich, Tommy Gilbert, Doug Gilbert, Bill Dundee, Sean O'Hare, Abyss, as well as countless others.

For years, I have made it a point to let the NWA Wrestling fans know that, not only do I feel they are the greatest wrestling fans in the world, but perhaps the only true wrestling fans left in this business. I also made a promise to always be truthful with the NWA fans, and for them to know that whenever I tell them something, I always have their best interest in mind. So, before Internet rumors and lies are started, I come to you today to announce that this Saturday night, December 1, 2007. will be our final show at Freddie Morton's Auction House in Columbia, Tenn. An era is ending, and we hope that you will come out Saturday night and see the finale.

In the past few months, there have been several conflict of interest with people I put my trust in. After all of these years, I guess I trusted the wrong people.

As the weeks, months, and years go by, our beloved business keeps getting flooded with people calling themselves "promoters", "wrestlers", or "announcers"...People who should still be buying tickets to watch the show!

Middle Tennessee is by far the worst infected area for garbage wrestling in the entire country! Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try do do it right, eventually the sludge becomes the cause and effect.

Pulaski, Tenn. is drawing consistently week in and week out on Friday nights, and our presence will continue there. I only hope that the sludge will eventually dry up in Columbia.

See you Saturday night in Columbia!

Mike Porter

Mike Porter
National Wrestling Alliance
Board of Directors Alternate

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Latest on Ric Flair & Y2J

Here's the link to the story:

GTW Not Closing Down

Contrary to published reports, Golden Triangle Wrestling in West Point is NOT closing down. I have spoken with one of the owners today, and was told that they will be having their next show on December 8 in West Point at the usual place. They are taking December 1 off to let their workers work the benefit show at TFW in Tupelo for Brandy & DC. I think that is a very unselfish gesture on Dudley & Tonya's part.

Their crowd was down, but they DID have a few paying fans at the show last night, contrary to reports that stated they had none. The workers did not get paid last night as reported, but GTW is making that up to them at the next show 12/8.

I hope this clears things up. GTW is alive and well.

Big Show Training To Become a Boxer!!?

The Big Show was backstage at the Survivor Series in Miami visiting friends. He is said to be in far better shape than he'd ever been in WWE, and the best shape since his early days in WCW. He was telling people that his weight is down to 420 pounds.

As of late, he's been training to be a pro boxer, but he hasn't had his first fight yet and it is unknown if he ever will.

TFW vs. Chikara THIS FRIDAY NIGHT in Tupelo!

Chuck Taylor

Tim Donst


This Friday night is the show we have all been waiting for, TFW vs. Chikara!!!!!

This is a show you do NOT want to miss! The card will include FOUR BIG MATCHES between the stars of TFW and the stars of Chikara Pro:

TAG TEAM ACTION like you have never seen before!
The Order of the Neo Solar Temple from Chikara Pro
TFW Champion Max Steele & "Prime Time" Nick Grymes

TFW's Josh Matthews will have his hands full as he takes on Chikara Pro's Tim Donst.

Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor has a huge task on his hands as he faces AMASIS "The Funky Pharoh" from Chikara.

The Main Event is a FATAL FOUR WAY match!
Chuck Taylor from Chikara Pro vs. "The Future" Chris Styles vs. Chikara's Ricochet vs. "The Savior" Shawn Reed.

Also on the card will be Parental Advisory, "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore, Crazy-N-Sexy, Chop Top the Clown, and a whole lot more!This will be a night of wrestling as you have never seen it before! If you are within 500 miles of Tupelo fly, drive, take a bus, hitch hike, walk, or crawl to the TFW Arena on No. Eason Blvd. (Auburn Rd.) to see Chikara vs. TFW. You won't regret it! Bell time is 8:00, tickets are $5.00.

Another Blast From the Past: Diary of Dr. William Winkler

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Diary of William Winkler, PHD

Volume XIV, Entry 15

The screaming.

That’s what woke me from my slumber. It was the horrified shriek of a woman chased by demons. But not just any demons. These were demons of the worst kind, and they were real. The beasts pursued the young nurse through the bowels of the institute with a single minded purpose.

But who can say what that purpose truly is?

I watched the scene unfold from the monitors above my desk. The monitors I had installed upon Derek’s unfortunate demise. How many times must I warn these idiots not to go down there?!
Why was she down there? That is the question that truly needs asking. Her daily duties should never have taken her down to the dungeon. Only I now possess the keys to that dark and dangerous place. How did she get down there?

Forgive me, my mind wanders with far more frequency.

Once I awoke, her screams ringing in my ears, I knew something was strangely amiss. For her screams weren’t derived of madness, they were born of a preternatural fear. It was a fear I have become all too accustomed to, dealing with the patients of this wretched place. I ran for the monitors in time to see her fleeing the dungeon and bolting up the long hallway leading to the main floors.

You have to understand one thing about those lower levels. They are almost maze-like in their structure. Winding, turning, dead ends; the halls lead everywhere and nowhere. Constant shadows, a result of the under lit and centuries old architecture. The halls are as mad as the inmates. That poor young lady was finding that out as she fled for her life.

I watched as her form flashed by one camera only to disappear in the shadows and reappear a moment later, further down the halls. And I saw what chased her. Hunted would be a better word; playing with her like a rat in a maze. I understood, as I watched the pursuit, that they were shepherding her movements, guiding her to where they wanted.

A rat in a maze. Their maze.

I suppose I could have gotten help for her; for no one but me knew of her hopeless plight. But I was entranced by it. The scientist in me wanted to know the outcome of this experiment. I must admit to some spark of excitement as she fled for her life, her screams only increasing my morbid delight.

And then it happened. She had nowhere left to run.

The long hall had finally run it’s course, into a dead end. She turned, panic raging wildly in her eyes. I could practically see her heartbeat pulsing through her uniform. So thorough was her fear that she could not so much as whimper when Psycho and Wraith slunk from the shadows.

Psycho, hair drenched with sweat, hanging long and dark in his face, stepped to her left, Katie clenched tight in his hand. Wraith, pale and lethal, Lucifer incarnate, gripped his chain and moved to her left. I felt all the nerves in my body come alive in anticipation of what was about to happen. The nurse, to her credit, or to paralysis, held rigidly still as the demons approached her. Her breathing was labored, coming in short, desperate gasps.

What happened then puzzles me to such a degree that I think on it every waking moment.

Wraith extended his hand to her. The nurses eyes grew wide with the knowledge of her death. He put a finger to his lips, making a shushing sound. With his extended hand, he brushed her eyelids shut.

I sat back in my seat, stunned with what I had just witnessed. When I looked back at the monitor, Wraith and Psycho were gone. The nurse slowly opened her eyes, a look of palpable relief flooding through her. But why? Why had they not assaulted her, turning her pretty young looks into pummeled flesh?

That is the mystery that haunts me now. Why her? Who let her in? This bears watching, as does she. X will be here in moments to collect them. He need not know about this. I must find a way to relinquish control from him.

But not now. For now, I watch.

And wait.

WWE Raw House Show Results from 11/24/07 in Augusta, GA

Hardcore Holly defeated Carlito.

Paul London & Brian Kendrick defeated Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch by DQ. Cade & Mordoch retain the World Tag Team belts.

Snitsky defeated Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Mickie James & Maria defeated Melina & Jillian Hall.

Mr. Kennedy defeated Cody Rhodes.

Randy Orton defeated Jeff Hardy.

Triple H defeated Umaga (Steel Cage Match).

Today in Wrestling History

On this date in 1992 at Survivor Series Bret "The Hitman" Hart defeated Shawn Michaels to retain the WWF Championship.

"Thanksgiving Throwdown" Results from Rector, AR (LAW) 11-23-07

Jon Michael defeated Stan Lee.

Bill Dundee defeated Kevin White w/Sue Young & Gary White.

Derrick King w/Tony Gunn defeated Flash Flanagan w/Jeff O’Dell in a loser leaves town match.

Tommy Redneck won a $10,000 battle royal. Other participants in the match were Shannon Lee, Seth Knight, Sergeant Shakedown, Tank, Christian Jacobs, Jon Michael, Ray Ray, Dell Tucker, Rockin Randy, Arnez, Psycho, Idol Bane, Scott Fury, Slim Pickens, Zane Richards, Derrick King and TGB. I have been told that this was a wild and crazy main event, with at least one wrestler getting thrown over the top rope and into the crowd. I was also told that the show consisted of only four matches, but all four were outstanding.

"Thanksgiving Throwdown" Results From Dyersburg, TN (NBW) 11-22-07

Tim Alfonzo defeated The Grappler.

Black Label Society (Void & Robbie Douglas) over The Asylum (Arnez & Psycho) & Dell Tucker & Cody Melton in a triple threat tag match.

Reggie B Fine defeated Precious by reversed decision when the referee found the chain Precious had used.

Seth Knight over Gladiator & Shannon Lee in a triple threat match.

Kevin White w/Gary White & Sue Young defeated Bill Dundee. Special Referee was Derrick King.

Survivor Series Rules Match: “TGB” Greg Anthony, Rude, Tommy Redneck, & Rockin Randy defeated Flash Flanagan, Jon Michael, Tatt2, & Stan Lee.

SAW Match Results from 11-23-07 in Millersville, TN

Indian Outlaw defeated Jason James

Chris Bomb defeated Ying Jang

Rick Santel defeated T.J. Harley

Indian Outlaw defeated Kory Williams

Arrick Andrews defeated A.M. Vision.

SAW Card for 11-30-07 in Millersville, TN

Friday November 30th
Bell Time 8pm
Millersville, TN
1214 B Louisville Hwy

Main Event









USWO Match Results from 11.23 in Nashville

Cousin Jason X defeated JC Crowe.

Damien Payne defeated Jeremy Travis.

Eric Star vs. Shane Smalls ended in a no contest when Tim Renesto interfered.

New York Gangster defeated Tim Renesto.

Michael Jablonski defeated Chris Michaels.

LT Falk & Jerry Lynn defeated Chuck Taylor & Mitch Ryder.

Balls Mahoney is a New Dad

ECW superstar Balls Mahoney is the father of a new baby boy named Christopher. His girlfriend gave birth to the 9 pound baby boy on Thanksgiving.


(I sure hope the kid doesn't look like his dad....)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

TFW Results and News

TFW Results from 11-23-07 in Tupelo

"Dangerous" David Cox defeated "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore

Chazz & Kid J defeated Chop & Lil' Devil.

"Extreme" Brett Michaels defeated Cassanova Kid.

Crazy-N-Sexy (Curly Moe & J-Kid) defeated Tysin Starr & Devon Raynes. If ever there was a dysfunctional tag team, it was Starr & Raynes. Raynes refused to tag in most of the match, leaving Starr to do most of the work. The two did not get along at all. In the end, Starr helped the referee make the 3-count when Raynes was pinned.

"Prime Time" Nick Grimes defeated Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor w/Tony "The Weasel" Watts. Taylor thought he had the match won when he used a chain on Grimes, but then dropped the chain. The referee ordered the match restarted, and Grimes pinned Taylor for the win four seconds later.

Parental Advisory (Tony & Studd) & TFW Champion Max Steele defeated The Southern Saints (Chris Styles, Josh Matthews, & T-Byrd).

This Friday night is the show we have all been waiting for, TFW vs. Chikara!!!!! This is a show you do NOT want to miss! The card will include FOUR BIG MATCHES between the stars of TFW and the stars of Chikara Pro:

TAG TEAM ACTION like you have never seen before!
The Order of the Neo Solar Temple from Chikara Pro
TFW Champion Max Steele & "Prime Time" Nick Grymes

TFW's Josh Matthews will have his hands full as he takes on Chikara Pro's Tim Donst.

Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor has a huge task on his hands as he faces AMASAS "The Funky Pharoh" from Chikara.

The Main Event is FATAL FOUR WAY!
Chuck Taylor from Chikara Pro vs. "The Future" Chris Styles vs. Chikara's Ricochet vs. "The Savior" Shawn Reed.

Also on the card will be Parental Advisory, "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore, Crazy-N-Sexy, Chop Top the Clown, and a whole lot more!

This will be a night of wrestling as you have never seen it before! If you are within 500 miles of Tupelo fly, drive, take a bus, hitch hike, walk, or crawl to the TFW Arena on No. Eason Blvd. (Auburn Rd.) to see Chikara vs. TFW. You won't regret it! Bell time is 8:00, tickets are $5.00.

The next night, Saturday, December 1, will be the benefit show for DC & Brandy. This will be a BIG show, with the following wrestlers on the card:

and MORE!

Also, like I promised Friday night, a BIG, BIG surprise is in store for Tony the Weasel Watts!

Like I said, this will be a great show, with all proceeds going to DC & Brandy, who were in a very bad wreck several weeks ago. Admission is only $5.00. Special Bell time for this show is 7:30. Don't miss it!

Friday night, December 7, 2007, is the annual TFW Toys for Tots show. Admission to the show is one new toy valued at $5.00 or more.

Lots going on at TFW!

Jarrett Still Not Returning to TNA Ring

Jeff Jarrett's return to action has been held off because all of his time is taken up with looking after his daughters and still making TNA booking decisions. A number of people close to the situation say he just doesn't have anything left in his tank now that he has the full responsibility of raising his daughters, ages 12, 7 and 3, since the tragic passing of his wife. Jeff still isn't talking to his father, Jerry.

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Hogan Knows Best Finished?

Hogan Knows Best may be finished because it would be difficult to continue the show after all the stuff that has down since Nick Hogan's car accident. Talks regarding that notion have already started. It would be hard to go on and completely ignore the car accident issue, or even focus on it for that matter as it would really dampen the show. Although, they only need a few more episodes to go into syndication, and there is a lot of money in that.

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Hogan Did Not Know His Wife Had Filed For Divorce?!

According to the Associated Press, Hulk Hogan, who's name is Terry Bollea, told the St. Petersburg Times that he had no idea his wife had filed for divorce. He was told by a reporter that the paperwork was sent in on Tuesday.

"Thank you for the great information," Hulk told the reporter. He later told the newspaper that his wife has been in California for about three weeks.

As most of you know Linda and Terry (Hulk) star in the VH1 reality TV series "Hogan Knows Best" along with their two children. In recent episodes show the normally close couple attending marital counseling, but they eventually reconcile.

At this point the reason for the divorce still remains unknown.

Credit: Brandon Lau @

Sting Offered New TNA Contract, Has Not Accepted

A new contract has been offered by TNA to Sting, but, as of now, there is no word whether he has accepted the deal or not. His current TNA contract expires at the end of 2007. Sting is not expected back with TNA before then, as he is taking a break through the end of the year to spend some time with his family.

Sting had planned to retire (again) at the end of the year, but TNA hopes to convince him to stick around for one more year.

Card for TNA Turning Point as of 11-23-07

Six Man Tag Team Match:
Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe
Kurt Angle, AJ Styles and Tomko

Six Man Tag Team Tables Match:
Team 3D and Johnny Devine
The Motor City Machineguns and Jay Lethal

TNA Women's Title Match:
Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong

Match of 10,000 Tacks:
Abyss and Rhino vs. Black Reign and Rellik

Feast or Fired Battle Royal:
15 TNA stars will compete in a battle royal with four briefcases in each corner. Three of the briefcases will contain title shots for the TNA World Championship, Tag Team Championship, and X-Division title. The other briefcase will hold a pink slip saying "you're fired."

Linda Hogan Files For Divorce(?!)

According to reports on and later on, Linda Hogan has officially filed for a divorce from Hulk Hogan. More details when they are available.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

On This Day In Wrestling History

On this day in 1990, The Undertaker made his official WWF debut at Survivor Series with The Million Dollar Team (Ted DiBiase, Honky Tonk Man, & Greg "The Hammer" Valentine).

PWA Match Results from Beaumont, TX

Here are the quick results from PWA's second outside the Pasadena city limits show, entitled "Bash at Beaumont" from Beaumont, Texas at Ford Park.

1st Match) Gustavo Mendoza def. Samson.

2nd Match) Chris Adams def. VIP to become the #1 Contender for the PWA Heavyweight Title.

The tag team of Kryll w/Lady Poison came out for a in-ring promo, saying that they are the most dominant tag team in the PWA, and that they are ready to whoever challenge them to a match for the PWA Tag Team Titles.

3rd Match) The Wrecking Crew (Tank Bishop & Mike B. Nasty) vs. Jared Steele & Dawg Chettum w/Ms. Rosa ended in a No Contest after the team of Surfin Surge & Gabe Hollier interfered.As a result of the actions, Sharmell came out and announced a 4-Way Tag Team Match for the PWA Tag Team Titles at the November 28 show in Pasadena, Texas: Kryll w/Lady Poison vs. Gabe Hollier & Surfin Surge vs. Jared Steele & Dawg Chettum w/Ms. Rosa vs. The Wrecking Crew (Tank Bishop & Mike B. Nasty).

4th Match) Neico def. Jaykus Pliskin.

Main Event) Booker T def. Christian Cage.

Card for Funking Conservatory WrestleFeast 11-25-07

The wrestling card for Support the Troops 21, WrestleFeast has been finalized as follows:

Funking Conservatory World Championship Match
Shane Chung (Champion) vs. Blain Rage

Tag Team Championship Match
Johnny Magnum and Will Power (Challengers)
Flyin' Ryan Air Mitchell w/Sandii Skye & Elvis Sharp (Champions)

Special One Night Challenge Tournament for the Women's Championship
Match to Determine the # 1 Contender
Kim Dakota vs. Vicki Von

For the Women's Championship
"The Claw," Claudia Reiff (Champion)
Winner of the # 1 Contenders Match????

International Championship Match
Elvis Sharp (Champion) vs. Italian Heart Throb, Johnny Romano
(The Pop Tarts, Kim Dakota and Vicki Von with Elvis Sharp)

Introducing - Pistol Payton Gunn

Support the Troops "WrestleFeast"
November 25, 2007
Funking Conservatory
2200 NE 36 Ave. Bldg 400
Ocala, Florida

Doors Open at 6:00pm
Showtime is 7:00pm

Ticket Prices are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

Happy Thanksgiving To All.

Turkey In Danger >>>

Did you know?
Turkeys can have heart attacks. Groups of turkeys, sometimes known as a rafter of turkeys would drop dead when the Air Force was conducting test runs and breaking the sound barrier nearby.
Apparently turkeys can drown if they look up when it is raining.
Excessive turkey breeding has caused turkey breasts to grow so enormous that the turkeys sometimes fall over.
The Pilgrim Fathers would not eat lobster because they thought it was a giant insect.

A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store, but couldn't find one big enough for her family. She asked the stock boy, 'Do these turkeys get any bigger?'
The stock boy answered, 'No ma' am, they're dead.'

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hardbody Harrison Found Guilty

Harrison "Hardbody" Norris was found guilty this afternoon of federal prostitution and sex trafficking charges. Sentencing has been set for Feb 28 and Norris could be sentenced to life in prison.

Norris was found guilty of several charges related to eight women he is alleged to have treated as sex slaves.

Norris, who had wrestled in WCW, served as his own attorney during the two week trial.

Credit: Bob Ryder @

Tomko Undergoes Emergency Surgery

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that TNA World Tag Team Champion Travis Tomko underwent emergency surgery earlier today for what New Japan has announced as a "torn muscle under the side." It remains to be seen if it was a torn abdominal. More details should be known soon.

Nasty Boys Mess Up Big Time

The dark match at last night's Smackdown tapings featuring former WWF/WWE and WCW Tag Team Champions The Nasty Boys (Jerry Saggs and Brian Knobbs) was described as an absolute disaster leaving a lot of heat on The Nastys and almost screwing up the flow of WWE TV tapings before the live broadcast of ECW on Sci Fi.

According to reports, The Nastys treated the dark match as if they were huge stars making their return and reportedly took their time getting into the ring by interacting with friends and family at ringside. Brian Knobbs reportedly got into the ring with his back to the hard camera, while Jerry Sags got into the ring literally right next to their opponents Dave Taylor and Drew McIntyre in what some described as making them look like idiots.

When the match actually got underway, The Nastys decided to take it upon themselves to work very stiff with McIntyre, who is 21 and just started on the Smackdown roster not long ago. McIntyre was described as being respectful at first and taking the abuse, but then started to give it back. To make matters even worse, The Nastys were said to have worked with Dave Taylor the same way - a well respected veteran.

The match itself was described by one WWE performer as quote, "one of the all time worst things you could ever hope to see. It was abysmal." Another WWE source also went on to state that the actual length of the match caused the flow of the taping to be screwed up as the Smackdown taping didn't conclude until around 9:54 p.m. Eastern, which left the WWE crew only six minutes to change the set and ring for the upcoming live broadcast of ECW on Sci Fi.

Credit: &

Kurt Angle Interview

Here is a link to a pretty decent interview with Kurt Angle:

The following quotes and updates from Matt Hardy come from an interview did with him shortly after his surgery:

“I am feeling OK, I have definitely been better,” said the recovering Hardy. “The surgery lasted between 60-90 minutes, and the prognosis was that I was lucky they got in there when they did.” Matt continued, “The appendix had already ruptured, and the toxins from that rupture were poisoning my body. I am used to the aches from my career, but this was the most miserable pain I had ever experienced. I had cold chills with hot sweats, and just couldn’t find a comfortable way to lie down or sit. I felt like I was dying it was so bad.”

The problem became serious when Hardy made his way to Tampa last night. “I made my way to the arena last night, and still was in such considerable pain that I went straight to the trainer’s room, and they sent me to the hospital for a CT scan.” The scan revealed the enflamed appendix, but the burst was not seen until the appendectomy was underway. Now Matt Hardy must face a road of recovery that will see him out of action much longer than he had envisioned as he chases the United States Championship held by MVP. “I will be here in the hospital until the antibiotics clean the rest of the toxins from my body, and then from there it will be anywhere from 8-10 weeks before I get back into action,” Hardy explained.
Credit: Ryan Clark @

Mulligan Refutes Previous Reports

A few weeks back, I published a report, which I got from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that hall of fame member Blackjack Mulligan had recently had a stroke. According to a report on, Mulligan has refuted that report, and says he's fine. We apologize for the erroneous report. It was published in good faith. We believed it to be true.

Jake Roberts drunk at an Indy show

This is from

Georgie, I had Jake Roberts booked on Nov 17th for my show and we feel other promoters should know as well as fans just how Jake is. This is a part of a blog I submitted for various sites. Feel free to use. Thanks. When I met up with Jake Roberts Saturday he was intoxicated at 4pm. It wasn't to an extreme level but it was definitely noticeable. He and his buddy followed from the hotel to the sky dome and quickly set up to sell gimmicks. Throughout the night Jake proceeded to increasingly become more drunk while consuming numerous shots of tequila and mixed drinks. We did have a snake for him but the reptologist in charge of it felt Jake was not at a level to handle an animal safely. Jake proceeded to be rude to many fans. After purchasing a few action figures of himself from our gimmick tables he asked me for a bonus because we had a large crowd. I declined and started to wonder how I was going to get through the night. When we wrote the show out it wasn't to go over two hours and forty minutes. Obviously it got stretched out due to problems. Jake was scheduled to be the main event but I made a very fly by night decision and threw him on before intermission and got him out of the arena. I take things like this personally and made a decision to stiff Jake 25% of his pay for his lack of professionalism. Perhaps something that should be left private, I feel a statement needed to be made and I have decided to share it. I am not going to defend Jake's actions, however, I do realize that his condition is a disease. He has an addiction to drugs and alcohol and he could not ignore his urge. Its very sad that a man who could be worth millions is flying to indy shows and sacrificing his reputation as he screws his fans out of a good experience. I hope that one day Jake will be able to get help and perhaps clear his demons before it is too late.

From: heavyonwrestling Trent posted this at the Mid-Southern Wrestling Board

Hollywood told me several weeks ago that Jake was drunk at a show he worked at . He was being obnoxious and wanting to leave before his match even begin. Jake doesn't even deserve to be paid for disappointing the fans and disrespecting the promoters.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another Chikara Wrestler Coming to TFW Show on 11/30

Another CHIKARA student is coming to the November 30th show in Tupelo. It will be one half of the Osirian Portal, "The Funky Pharaoh" Amasis.

The following is taken from Amasis, the Funky Pharaoh, made his CHIKARA debut at the 2007 Cibernetico & Robin event, making an impact immediately, as he teamed with Ophidian, forming the Osirian Portal, to upset the veteran duo of Jigsaw & Shane Storm. In that match, Amasis impressed many with his wacky charisma and nifty dance steps, which may or may not have been used to mesmerise his snake pal.

AFFILIATION: The Osirian Portal
AKA: "The Funky Pharaoh"
HEIGHT: 5′9”
WEIGHT: 179 lbs.
STYLE: Egyptian break dancing cruiserweight
TRAINERS: Mike Quackenbush, Chris Hero
PRO DEBUT: September 22nd 2007

Don't miss the 11/30 TFW show. It will be wrestling like you have never seen before.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of NBW referee Barry harber, who passed away yesterday.

Kristal Speaks Out About Getting Fired

Kristal issued the following statement today:

This is way over due. First off the reason why I was released was because I did not want to do a morally degrading storyline that was already done, plain and simple.

Lita was in my opinion the greatest female wrestler of all time (next to Jazz). Lita revolutionized the world of wrestling. She showed that women could be strong, beautiful, and be a draw in the sexiest world of wrestling. She had little girls watching her wanting to become an athlete instead of a princess when they grew up. She was also one of the few women who wrestled men. With blood, sweat, tears and a broken neck later, she earned the respect of everyone in the wrestling business. So the WWE had the bright idea of turning her personal business into a public free for all. Sure that "storyline" transformed a well-loved baby face into a huge heel, but at whose expense? Look at how Trish retired now look at how Lita retired. On the day of Lita's retirement, the fans didn't just boo her because she had heat; they booed her because despite all that she contributed to women's wrestling, all that they seemed to remember about her was the "slutty" vamp she played on TV.

I am nowhere as accomplished as she was, so imagine what that type of role would have done to me. I have seen a lot of people sell their souls to this business for whatever reason, but I stand strong to what I believe in. I feel like now that I am not in the WWE there is a lot of b.s. talk of me being a difficult person or having a huge ego, believe what you want that is not the case.
I just want to thank all of the fans that supported me through everything. I also want to thank some really cool people who genuinely saw potential in my talent, and who helped train me: Dave Finlay, Booker T, Queen Sharmell and their Pro Wrestling Academy. I will be re-launching my new myspace page shortly so watch out for that, there will be some very important news posted there very shortly.