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APW Results from 2-27 in Royston, GA

B.J. Hancock defeated Mike Posey

Skira Corvus defeated Kasanova

Adrian Hawkins defeated Thunderfoot #3

Kareem Abdul Jamar defeated Strictnyn via DQ

Saint Henry & Brandon Parker w/Kevin Duncan defeated Shadow Jackson & Don Matthews

Ring of Honor Results from 2/27 in Danbury, CT

Alex Payne & Andy Ridge defeated Antonio Thomas & Prince Jaleel

Grizzly Redwood defeated Ernie Osiris

Bobby Fish defeated Papadon

Kenny King & Rhett Titus defeated Erick Stevens & Bobby Dempsey

Brent Albright and Claudio Castagnoli ended in a draw

Kevin Steen & Jay Briscoe defeated Eddie Edwards & Chris Hero

Bryan Danielson defeated Delirious

Austin Aries defeated Sami Callahan

Necro Butcher defeated Brodie Lee in a street fight

Nigel McGuinness over Jimmy Jacobs, Tyler Black, and Jerry Lynn in an elimination match to retain the ROH World Heavyweight Championship

USWO Results from 2-27 in Nashville

63 attended

Dyron Flynn b Shawn Hoodrich

Psycho Medic b Mason Conrad

Calypso b Lee Cross

JD Fluffy b Ashton Viton

Bryan Casey b Jason Xavier to win the USWO Jr. Championship

A 3-way elimination tag match with USWO Tag Team Champions Josh Crowe & Damien Payne vs Saint & Tim Renesto vs Steven Green & Cody Weatherby ended in a double pin with Renesto pinning Payne and Crowe pinning Saint, with the ruling being that Renesto and Crowe could keep a belt apiece and the two teams would meet for the belts next week

Derrick Neal b USWO Champion Michael Jablonski (w/Nick White) when White interfered

NOTES: Calypso, Conrad, and Viton are all from Underground Wrestling in Chicago and will be on the NWA Cyberslam TV taping Saturday night here.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel @

TNA Announces "Ultimate Fan Experience" for Lockdown

On Sunday, April 19th, TNA Wrestling will bring its most dangerous event of the year, “TNA Lockdown”, to the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, PA and we want to give you the opportunity to make it the trip of a lifetime. Join us for a weekend of total nonstop action, which also includes the TNA Fan InterAction event on Saturday, April 18th at The Electric Factory in downtown Philly. TNA Wrestling prides itself on being the most fan friendly and interactive wrestling company in the world and now we are ready to take it one step further! In order to help celebrate the biggest weekend in TNA history, we are proud to announce our new exclusive travel packages, appropriately titled, “TNA Ultimate Fan Xperience.”

These exclusive travel packages start at just $529 per person and include the following:

1 ticket to TNA Lockdown on Sunday, April 19th (value varies based on package)
Platinum Package: Includes a guaranteed front row seat! (valued at $175)
Gold Package: Includes a floor seat! (valued at $150)
Silver Package: Includes a premium seat! (valued at $75)
3-night’s stay at the official TNA hotel (valued at over $800)
1 ticket to TNA Fan InterAction on Saturday, April 18th (valued at $65)
1 official TNA Lockdown event t-shirt (valued at $25)
1 copy of the 4 disc “King of The Mountain: The Best of Jeff Jarrett” DVD (DVD value $20) which will be hand delivered to you that weekend by Jeff Jarrett himself!
Sunday morning brunch at hotel restaurant with TNA wrestlers in attendance (Brunch value $21)
Official TNA 8x10 photos of every TNA star (valued at over $200)
And more!

Available packages:

Platinum Package

Includes a guaranteed front row seat to this event and only 30 of these packages will be offered!

**This is now the ONLY way to get front row seats to TNA Lockdown as they are already sold out!

Platinum Single $799

Platinum Double $699

Platinum Triple $649

Platinum Quad $629

Gold Package

Includes a floor seat valued at $150 and only 50 of these packages available!

Gold Single $759

Gold Double $659

Gold Triple $609

Gold Quad $579

Silver Package

Includes a premium seat valued at $75 and there are only 50 of these packages available!

Silver Single $699

Silver Double $599

Silver Triple $569

Silver Quad $529

Please note that the prices listed above are per person, depending on the amount of people in each room.

Package buyers are responsible for their own transportation to and from Philadelphia and all events.

TNA is pleased to announce a 10% discount off the lowest fares offered by AirTran Airways for anyone flying to Philadelphia for TNA Lockdown. To take advantage of the 10% savings, reservations MUST be made directly with the AirTran Airways events desk at 866-683-8368. Event code is PHL041709 TNAWRESTLING.

Hotel will require a credit card for incidentals (including parking if you are driving) for each room. Hotel accommodations will be for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night.

TNA Lockdown takes place at the Liacouras Center on the campus of Temple University and is accessible by public transportation.

TNA Fan InterAction will take place at the Electric Factory, 421 N 7th St, Philadelphia, PA

Have more questions? Contact us at for information on joining us for a weekend you won’t soon forget!

Memphis Wrestling Results-February 28, 2009-Live action TONIGHT at Minglewood Hall on 1555 Madison Ave

Corey Maclin and Jerry "The King" Lawler are at the White Station High School, but they post up on the screen that this was recorded before the venue changed and TONIGHT the show will take place at the new location, Minglewood Hall, which is located at 1555 Madison Ave.

They will be telling us all about what's taking place, TONIGHT, throughout the show. They mentioned a lot of the great stars signed for the action, TONIGHT, including: "Outlaw" Don Bass, King Cobra, "Superstar" Bill Dundee, "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher, and "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert. Lawler added that there will be a Diva Match featuring Lexus Steele and Su Yung. Speaking of Su Yung, "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White will also be there, as well as, "Psycho" Sid Vicious. There will also be some special contests taking place, tonight, which includes the Sign of the Night. F.F.U.N., Freedom From Unnecessary Negatives, Founder and President, Stevie Moore, will be stopping by to join Corey and Jerry, later on in the show.

They ran a special commercial for TONIGHT'S show at Minglewood Hall at 1555 Madison Ave. 8:00pm Bell Time. F.F.U.N. presents Memphis Classic Wrestling featuring a 10 Man "Over The Top" Battle Royal, $10,000 To The Winner, Lexus Steele vs Su Yung, "Superstar" Bill Dundee vs "Outlaw" Don Bass, King Cobra vs "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White, "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher vs "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert in a Hardcore Match, and Jerry "The King" Lawler vs "Psycho" Sid Vicious. Tickets available at Spin Street or call (901)246-2711.

Corey and Jerry said it's been awhile since the last Memphis live event, that was held at the Delta State Fair in August of last year. Brian Elder from KIX 106 is going to be a special host for the night. In between matches, throughout the night, there will be all kinds of entertainment going on. Jerry said he wanted to see how creative Memphis could be and asked everyone to sit down and make up some sort of sign because they are going to have a special Sign of the Night with the best sign receiving a great prize. They go to action featuring one of the stars that will be in action, TONIGHT, "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White.

Studio Action with "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White , along with his special agents against Chris Lexx. White picked up the win after tieing up Lexx on the ropes with a suplex and coming off the top with an elbow drop.

Regarding the big battle royal, coming up, TONIGHT, Lawler said that each one of the ten wrestlers put up a $1,000 entry fee and the last man standing will win the entire pot. Another thing they're going to be doing, is if you're in attendence, they will have several roaming cameras going around, talking to all the fans and they will have them on tv, next week. So, you have a chance to be tv stars, yourself, TONIGHT! Jerry reminds everyone to don't forget your signs because somebody is going to win a big prize.

They open the vaults of Memphis Classic Wrestling with "Ravishing" Rick Rude with "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart and Angel in his corner, taking on "Dirty" Dutch Mantel. Angel, repeatedly, hit Dutch with her shoe. Finally, Dutch grabbed her, pulled her in the ring, and gave her a spanking. Rude snuck up behind Dutch and planted him with a suplex to get the win.

Corey and Jerry spoke with the Founder and President of F.F.U.N., Stevie Moore about this terrific cause.

Jerry said if you wanted to get your tickets, beforehand, they are available at Spin Street, a great store right at the corner of Poplar and Highland. You can also call (901)246-2711. Beth Paige will be on hand to sing The National Anthem. They go to some more action, featuring "Superstar" Bill Dundee.

Classic Footage with "Superstar" Bill Dundee teaming with "Dirty" Dutch Mantel to battle with The Fantastics, Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers. This one went the time limit.

This was followed by a classic Bill Dundee music video to the tune of Hank Williams Jr.'s "All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight". That's what I'm talking about! Bocephus!

Jerry said that "Psycho" Sid Vicious would have to be included in his list of toughest all-time opponents with the likes of Jackie Fargo, "Superstar" Bill Dundee, Joe Leduc, and Terry Funk. Jerry mentioned how Sid has been telling everyone that he's been working with people less fortunate. He said that over in West Memphis, Arkansas, there's a mentally handicapped facility that he spends time with and he's going to bring a lot of those people to the show. Jerry said that's great and he appreciates that he does that, but that's not going to help him win this match, TONIGHT. Jerry said he's not even going to think about getting beat in his backyard in Memphis, Tennessee.

Classic highlights of Jerry "The King" Lawler with a music video featuring clips from several of his matches with Nick Bockwinkle.

This was followed by some studio footage with "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock walking out, saying that Jerry Lawler must pay the consequences for what he did to that poor, innocent manager. Jimmy said he has a friend, by the name of David Burcham, who's a court reporter and a court artist and he brought along a few of his drawings that he did that will show what will take place in Lawler's future. This was taking place during the whole Lawler/Sal Corrente drama. The first picture was of a crying Jerry Lawler being taken to jail with all the kids laughing at him. Jimmy said that if Lawler got out of line, the Mississippi cop was going to hit him upside his head with his club. Jimmy continued, by adding, that when Jerry Lawler goes to jail in Memphis or Corey Maclin or the Ford Family, for that matter, goes to jail in Memphis, they get special treatment. Jimmy showed a picture of Jerry Lawler in the Memphis jail with Lawler wearing his crown, sitting in his chair, getting a pedicure by a couple of jail rats. Not only that, but "Jerry Lawler gets a key and gets to go in and out, anytime he wants. That's what he's used to. His royal treatment!" "Hollywood" added. Then, Jimmy said, "This is what's really gonna take place. You know what? I can't help it. Jerry Lawler is going to have to pay the consequences and this is what it's really going to be like in the Mississippi jail. Look at this!" Jimmy held up another picture with Jerry Lawler sitting beside Big Bubba, who has his arm around him. "Jerry Lawler is scared to death! And not only that, Jerry Lawler is gonna have to use that toilet, right over there, with everybody watching with those flies and maggots." Against the wall in the drawing it read, "Will trade one hour with Lawler for 2 packs of Camels". Lawler's music hits with "The King" walking out. Blaylock told Lawler that he would be making Mississippi license plates. Lawler responded by informing "Hollywood", "Right now we're in Memphis and you know what happens to people like you in Memphis. That may be what happens to Memphis people in Mississippi, but this is what happens to Mississippi people in Memphis!" Lawler punches "Hollywood" in the face and threw him in the ring. As Lawler attacked Jimmy, Johnny Rotten hit the ring, and landed a few punches on Lawler, until he pulled the strap down. While Lawler was beating down Rotten, "Psycho" Sid Vicious made his way into the ring and choked Lawler. A beaten Lawler is, then, picked up by Vicious for some photo ops as Rotten snapped some pictures on his camera phone.

Corey is joined by Javier Bailey, who talked about on Saturday, March 7th, at Airways Middle School, 9:00am, there will be the Democratic Party Convention for Shelby County. This is where Democrats from across the county are going to come together to elect new leadership for the Democratic Party. Javier Bailey is running for Chairman.

Corey Maclin, Jerry Lawler, and Stevie Moore wrapped up the show by inviting everyone to the show, TONIGHT.

Don't forget about TONIGHT'S Big Night of Action taking place at Minglewood Hall on 1555 Madison Ave. 8:00pm Bell Time. F.F.U.N. presents Memphis Classic Wrestling featuring a 10 Man "Over The Top" Battle Royal, $10,000 To The Winner, Lexus Steele vs Su Yung, "Superstar" Bill Dundee vs "Outlaw" Don Bass, King Cobra vs "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White, "Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher vs "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert in a Hardcore Match, and Jerry "The King" Lawler vs "Psycho" Sid Vicious. Tickets available at Spin Street or call (901)246-2711.

Tonight!! Memphis Wrestling @ Minglewood Hall

Memphis Wrestling will not be at White Station High School Gym. The show has been moved to Minglewood Hall located at 1555 Madison Avenue, Midtown Memphis. Belltime will be 8:00This is a joint effort to reach out to the Memphis Urban Youth program "Stop The Violence" to raise funds and set up youth wrestling camps.

There will be a Diva Match, A Hardcore Match, and a Over The Top Rope Battle Royal $10,000 to the winner.

Bill "Superstar" Dundee, "Grandmasta Sexay" Brain Christopher, "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert, King Cobra, "The Outlaw" Don Bass, Hollywood Jimmy, Psycho" Sid Vicious, Su Young, Misty James, "The Nature Boy" Kevin White, Garry White, and many more.

Friday, February 27, 2009

USA Wrestling Results from 2-26 in Tiptonville, TN

Shane Williams beat Justin Oday
Matt Boyce defeated Teddy Tender(Big Bully)
Bill Dundee beat Travis Sawyer
Brian Christopher beat Kevin White/Garry White
Jerry Lawler beat Doug Gilbert/Garry White

5 of the guys were supplied by Bert Prentice and Lawler furnished the rest. Lawler is booking all top guys and Bert all the lower card.

Next Show is March 5th Hohenwald, TN with Tommy Rich coming in.
March 12th Scotts Hill, TN
March 26th Dresden, TN

Well over 400+ people in the building.

Credit: SWStudd @

Petey Williams will be appearing at the KFW event in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee on March 25th, 2009

KFW's 3 Year Birthday Bash on March 25th will have a Special Visitor and thats Former TNA X-Division Champion Petey Williams,March 25th we Celebrate the Dominance of KFW with yet another Big Name to grace the ring at the Pigeon Forge National Guard Armory at 8pm..Who will Petey face at KFW?????Only time we tell and one man knows!!!!!!!!!!!

KFW Has Shows Ever the P.Forge Nat.Guard Armory Belltime 8pm.Tickets $7 Kids 10 and Under are Free!!!!!!

Go to for info about KFW


PWE Results from 2-22 in Canton, GA

Results from the return of Pro Wrestling Evolution on February 22 in Canton, GA, at Hot Wheels Skating Center: The show opened with Kareem Abdul Jamar in the Half Court Lounge leading to Jamar over Ric The Kick; Ride or Die defeated The Skeleton Crew; Bobby Moore beat Joey Lightning; Crystal Fire beat Sheena Layne; The Merchants of Death (Murder One & Orion Bishop with Wicked Nemesis) beat Chris King & Scotty Beach; Ace Rockwell won a four way over Super Punk and Johnny Slaughter and Kyle Matthews to become the first PWE Internet Champion. Next show is back at Hot Wheels on March 29 for Grappler's Delight.

Credit: Southeastern Wrestling news

Memphis Wrestling Show 2/28 - "Strange NEWS"

Strange NEWS for the FEB 28th Memphis Wrestling show!
The Original plans for this show has changed 3 times.

First it was Supposed to be in Sid's Hometown of West Memphis, Arkansas.

then it was changed to White Station High School Gym - 516 South Perkins, Memphis, TN.

NOW! it has been changed again...Crazy thing is, We didn't even know where the show is Until right now.

As far as we know... the bell will ring at 8:00 pm This Saturday and the show will Feature The Master and The Ruler of the World, Sid Vicious will Battle Jerry Lawler in this long going Rivalry.


Memphis Wrestling will be at Minglewood Hall located at 1555 Madison Avenue, Midtown Memphis.
Belltime will be 8:00
This Saturday FEB 28th

This is a joint effort to reach out to the Memphis Urban Youth program "Stop The Violence" to raise funds and set up youth wrestling camps. There will be a Diva Match, A Hardcore Match, and a Over The Top Rope Battle Royal $10,000 to the winner.

Bill "Superstar" Dundee, "Grandmasta Sexay" Brain Christopher, "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert, King Cobra, "The Outlaw" Don Bass, Hollywood Jimmy, Psycho" Sid Vicious, Su Young, Misty James, "The Nature Boy" Kevin White, Garry White, and many more.

For ticket information email

We Apologize AGAIN for the Confusion and Craziness.

For more Information, We will keep you posted at Psycho Sid Promotions
The Official MySpace of The Master and The Ruler of the World! .. Sid Vicious.


Pro Wrestling Fusion Teams Up With NWA

Pro Wrestling Fusion has set the Florida independent wrestling scene on fire in its rookie year while gaining the attention and admiration of top National Wrestling Alliance executives. Built on the RESPECT that the business of Professional Wrestling demands, Fusion does a fine job providing a traditional yet fresh product that wrestling fans of the past and present can enjoy.

“Fusion is a tremendous promotion” NWA Midwest promoter Ed Chuman says, “I’ve seen the show from their home base of Ft. Pierce and it is top notch, packed house with incredible talent. We have our eyes on many of these young bright superstars”.

The National Wrestling Alliance has been in operation since 1948 and the NWA is the largest governing body of a group of professional wrestling promotions in the United States with offices around the World. The UK, France, Spain, Japan, Australia, & Mexico to name a few. It looks as if FUSION will now be added to that list of promotions.

“I met Mr. Chuman over a year ago and in that time we have cultivated a great friendship that has progressed into a strategic alliance.” Pro Wrestling Fusion promoter Joseph Cabibbo said. “He is sending many of our stars around the country and for that we are grateful, you will also see many NWA superstars making their way to the Sunshine State. I am very excited to be a part of the NWA as this is the promotion I grew up watching and I honestly believe that the NWA still has tremendous name value” Cabibbo added.

NWA Midwest and Pro Wrestling Fusion will also be co-promoting many wrestling events around the country starting in the state of Florida.

“We are very interested in a talent exchange with Fusion.” Chuman said. “Their guys can really go and they have made a great impression on me.”

Former Pro Wrestling Fusion Heavyweight Champion - The Sheik will be debuting in South Dakota and all over the Midwest as soon as March 1 and current Pro Wrestling Fusion Heavyweight Champion - Steve Madison will be accompanying The Sheik to the NWA Showcase television taping from Hollywood in California on March 7 & 8. The Sheik will also be appearing in NWA Midwest on April 24th in Waukesha, WI, and on April 25th in Madison, WI for NWA Midwest promoter Frank DeFalco of NWA Brew City. The Sheik is looking to add NWA gold to his many accolades, and we're very excited to bring him to the fans of NWA Midwest.

It's an exciting time for us here in the NWA as we expand our horizons, and welcome Pro Wrestling Fusion to become a integral part of that growth. I look forward to seeing some of the incredible talent that both Pro Wrestling Fusion, and the NWA bring to the table. It's a terrific match with the fans being the big winners here states Chuman.

Credit: Alan J. Wojcik @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

Owen Hart's widow chooses positive path

By DOUG McINTYRE - Calgary Sun

Martha Hart during a recent interview. Photo by Lyle Aspinall, Sun Media

"You just have to get through today. You just have to live one day at a time."

Such heartfelt wisdom, imparted by her mother, was the lifeboat Martha Hart clung to a decade ago when cruel fate left the love of her life -- and the dreams they shared -- dead in a wrestling ring.

For longtime Calgarians, it seems hard to believe almost 10 years have passed since home-grown pro wrestler Owen Hart plummeted 23 metres to his death in a stunt gone horribly awry at a World Wrestling Federation show in Kansas City.

The senseless tragedy of May 23, 1999 made international headlines and Martha a widow at 32, left alone to raise two young children.

"It’s interesting because in some ways it feels like such a short period of time -- in other ways, it feels like it was a lifetime ago," Martha reflects at her Elbow Valley home -- the very home she and Owen were merely five days away from moving into on that terrible spring day in 1999.

"That’s what kept me focused in my darkest moments," she says of her late mother Joan Patterson’s advice.

"I just had to worry about what’s right in front of me right now."

The shattered widow had plenty of worries in the immediate aftermath of losing her high school sweetheart.

She launched a wrongful death lawsuit against the WWF -- now World Wrestling Entertainment -- that saw her awarded a US$18-million settlement.

Yet her campaign for justice put her at odds with some members of Calgary’s famous Hart wrestling clan, prompting a very public war of words.

In the meantime, she spearheaded a charitable foundation in her late husband’s name and raised son Oje, now almost 17, and daughter Athena, now 13.

Now close to completing a PhD in social and developmental psychology at England’s prestigious Cambridge University, Martha marks the tumultuous past decade as one of struggle and, ultimately, hard-won triumph.

"You cannot only survive, you can thrive," she says.

"Life can be very unpredictable. Certainly for me, and for Owen, we had this amazing life planned together."

Describing the relationship of Owen and Martha Hart as a fairytale romance is no exaggeration.

Martha admits she was smitten the moment she met her future husband, the youngest of 12 children raised by wrestling patriarch Stu Hart and his wife, Helen.

"For me, it was love at first sight ... I guess when you’re a teenager all that matters is, ‘he’s cute and he has a car,’" chuckles Martha, who has never remarried. "We were inseparable, really."

Martha says as the relationship progressed, she was deeply moved by the unfailingly kind young man -- a reluctant gladiator, she adds, in the grappling spectacle that made his family famous.

Owen was taking education at the University of Calgary in the mid 1980s when he began wrestling professionally. Martha says Owen stepped into the ring to give a boost to dad Stu’s Stampede Wrestling promotion, a decades-old Prairies sporting staple then sagging due to the WWF’s popularity.

"Our lives touched that world but we never embraced it -- it wasn’t a career for him, it was a job," she says.

"But life can just pick you up and carry you off before you know it."

Martha wistfully believes Owen, were he alive today, would not be a wrestler or a teacher, but perhaps a humble craftsman given how he used to fashion bicycles from little more than scrap metal.

"I think he would’ve been happy just to have a little shop and putter away, letting the hours slip by."

As she approaches the 10th anniversary of her husband’s death, Martha takes solace in two things -- her children and the Owen Hart Foundation.

Athena, Martha and Oje Hart. Photo by Lyle Aspinall, Sun Media

Bearing a striking resemblance to his dad, Oje enjoys playing guitar, saxophone and piano, and plays rugby at Strathcona-Tweedsmuir school.
He’s attending an upcoming summer camp at the University of Boston, with the teen interested in pursuing either journalism or law.

Athena is also musically talented and has a passion for horseback riding.

Next year, she will attend school in Springbank after living across the pond with her mother as she continued her own studies at Cambridge.

Seeing her children forging ahead, their lives replete with various endeavours, represents a payoff for Martha after those dark hours of despair when she sought comfort in her own mother’s words and her sister Virginia’s support.

"I decided very early on that the children were the primary focus," says Martha.

"Now the children are really coming into their own and developing into the people they’re going to be."

Oje and Athena have persevered in the absence of a father, snatched far too early from their young lives.

Owen Hart sinks into a Sharpshooter. Submitted photo.

The Owen Hart Foundation, however, has made an indelible imprint.
"They didn’t have the father figure, they were very young, but it’s been something I could always direct their attention to, almost as a silhouette," says Martha.

Launched in late 2000 with $2 million from the WWF settlement, the charity has had a positive impace on many lives across Calgary.

Among its initiatives is the awarding of $4,000 post-secondary bursaries each year to 10 Forest Lawn high school students. The scholarship is open to students with a 70% or better average who juggle a part-time job with their studies.

"My whole direction with the foundation is, we are a charity but we want people to be able to help themselves," says Martha. "Because education is so important to me, as it was to Owen, that was an area we wanted to make our focus."

The foundation epitomizes the generosity of its namesake, who on the wrestling circuit once gave his hotel room to a homeless man.

"The paramount cause and reason was to have this amazing legacy for Owen and to reflect the type of person he was, the kindness he exuded," says Martha, adding the foundation has played a major role in her own healing.

"The hardest thing about losing him was it was so sudden ... you have all this love still, and you don’t know what to do with it. It’s helped me as much as it’s helped the people who ended up being the recipients of the foundation."

And if Owen could see the good works done in his name, Martha is sure he would be bursting with pride.

"He would be overwhelmed with how many people it’s helped and so pleased to be remembered for all the good qualities he had," she says.

"I think he would have been so proud to have made a difference."

Credit: Slam! Wrestling

John Graziano, Sr. Arrested For Attempted Murder/May Have Wanted Linda Hogan Killed

Details behind the arrest of John Graziano Sr, who was involved in a murder plot against his wife!

John Graziano, Sr. (pictured above) has been arrested today for a murder plot against his wife, Debra, reports numerous Florida media outlets. John is the father of John Graziano, Jr. who was horribly injured in the 2007 car wreck involving Hulk Hogan's son, Nick.

In sickening, ironic fashion, Graziano, Sr. had hired what he thought to be a hitman to kill his wife by way of an accidental automobile accident. The hitman was an undercover cop assigned to the investigate Graziano after they had received a tip of the plot in December.

Authorities think Graziano, Sr. was trying to escape financial issues resulting from his and Debra's divorce. He was arrested at 11am this morning and arraigned this afternoon.

Update: Graziano Sr May Have Wanted Linda Hogan Killed

The following has been posted over at

Clearwater, Florida -- Ed Graziano is behind bars accused of trying to hire someone to kill his wife. But Linda Bollea apparently believes Graziano wanted to hurt her too.

Bollea's publicist tells 10 Connects "people around the case" have told Hulk Hogan's estranged wife Graziano also made threats aimed at Bollea. After hearing about the possible threats Bollea's publicist described her as "scared to death."

Bollea issued a statement Thursday night saying "Any threat from Ed Graziano would and is being taken very seriously."

A spokesperson for the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office could not confirm the alleged threats aimed at Bollea, but they did detail Graziano's apparent attempt to kill his wife.

Credit: Chris Cash and Nick Paglino @

Update On Sim Snuka's WWE Status

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

-- Believe it not, but Sim Snuka is one of many currently under consideration for an announcing position on the upcoming WGN show, WWE Superstars. This should explain why the second generation wrestler has surprisingly not been let go yet. For all intents and purposes, his character on Raw has been dropped. Snuka has not been seen since the January 12th of edition of Raw where Ted DiBiase double-crossed him (and Manu) on his return.

Booker T. Fight for Kids Foundation presents Legends of Wrestling Fanfest in Houston, Texas, on Friday, April 3rd during WrestleMania Weekend

Booker T will be holding a charity wrestling event during WrestleMania weekend. Booker T's Fight for Kids Foundation will be holding a convention on April 3 during the afternoon at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston (which is where Ring of Honor is running). Some names scheduled to appear are Sting, Kevin Nash, Samoa Joe, Nick Bockwinkel, Tito Santana, Ron Simmons, Torrie Wilson, Christy Hemme, Sid Vicious, Jake Roberts, The Beautiful People, Jimmy Hart, Tully Blanchard, Iceman King Parsons and of course, Booker T and Sharmell.

More information can be found at

Paul Heyman: "We've Entered The Golden Age of Heels"

Paul Heyman posted his latest column on the UK Sun discussing the great heels WWE has produced recently, even stating who felt was the best. The following is an excerpt of the article:

Never before has Vince McMahon and company been able to feature such compelling villains as WWE is able to present today.

Just look at JBL, for example. John Bradshaw Layfield's performances in his storyline with Shawn Michaels were nothing short of stellar.

It's a very fine line to walk when a bully-heel is charged with punking out a babyface on a consistent basis, all in the name of enticing the audience to want, need, and even crave that babyface to explode and get retribution...only to dangle that carrot in front of the audience week after week after week after week.

But JBL walked that line brilliantly. It's a much harder task for JBL than during his feud with Eddie Guerrero, because all JBL had to do back then was yell and scream about Guerrero, then viciously beat on Guerrero, and the audience would be clamoring for Eddie to get revenge.

It's a lot different now. JBL's character is far more subtle, and while many will say 'Shawn Michaels can make anyone look good', even HBK will admit JBL presented a truly despicable character on television each week on Raw for the viewers to enjoy hating.

Then there's Chris Jericho. Talk about a total transformation. The riot-causing superstar, formerly known as Y2J, addressed every characteristic that made him popular, and stripped those traits away from himself.

You liked the charismatic delivery of his interviews? He went monotone and simply delivered his lines coldly. You liked the cool catchphrases? They're gone, too.

You liked the high-powered music entrance, with the cool pose and rock star turnaround? Gone as well!

All that's left is an articulate villain who delivers his lines with little emotion but lots of conviction. Jericho's contempt for all those who dare to oppose him is a 180 degree turn from the fun-loving Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla whose fan base had few peers in terms of numbers and volume.

While everyone is rightfully praising Roddy Piper's tremendous interview on Monday Night Raw, many are missing the point that one of the key reasons that promo was so effective is because it was delivered to Jericho, in his face, with his character being subjected to such a lecture.

But no two performers have clearly demonstrated the art of heeldom more so than Randy Orton and Edge. Just watch this past Monday's edition of Raw to see the best two heels of the new age showcase their awesome skills.

Adam "Edge" Copeland is the most entertaining heel I've seen in years. He's over the top, knows how to play the fool when necessary, and is so full of himself that you just want to see someone knock him on his ass.

Credit: Chris Cash @

London Apologizes To Evan Bourne For Hurtful Comments

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Paul London made his first wrestling-related appearance since his departure from WWE at this past weekend's Pro Wrestling Guerilla show in California. During the show, London cut a promo saying said he would be working his "first wrestling match in five years" later that night. In some unreported news, London apologized for his negative comments in some recent interviews during the promo. In particular, he apologized to Matt Sydal (ECW wrestler Evan Bourne) as he was quite negative on the up-and-comer during a recent interview.

During an interview with The Pain Clinic radio show, London called Sydal's Shooting Star maneuver "lackluster" and made fun of his WWE ring name by saying someone on the creative team probably watched the "Bourne" movie trilogy and decided it would be a good idea to give Sydal the Evan Bourne name. London then said Bourne means "carried" in the dictionary. London offered more comments on Sydal, saying he's half his weight and something along the lines of "circus de gay."

In Mark Madden's New Column, He Discusses Sting/Angle Empty Arena Match, Hogan Lies, & Verne Gagne Quotes



The empty-arena match between Kurt Angle and Sting on TNA impact! did a 1.3 rating, an all-time company high, which certainly makes it tougher to criticize.

But it made no sense. Why were Angle and Sting fighting in an empty arena? What, exactly, was the premise?

When Terry Funk and Jerry Lawler worked wrestling’s most famous empty-arena match in 1981, Funk complained that the odds in Memphis were tilted in favor of Lawler, the hometown hero. Funk claimed that everyone – the timekeeper, the referee, the ushers, EVERYONE - conspired to help Lawler, that the only way to get a fair shake would be in an empty arena, and did Lawler have the guts?

Lawler did, and the result was a match that was hardly memorable - crowd heat can’t make up for blown spots in an empty arena, nor does spectator noise loudly punctuate punches and kicks – but its mediocrity was obscured by drama that few who watched it on TV will ever forget. Lance Russell’s commentary was awesome, and I’ll always remember Funk selling "my eye."

It all added up: Funk said he couldn’t get an honest match in Memphis, came up with an innovative way to do so, and Lawler kicked his ass.

So, why did Angle and Sting wrestle in an empty arena?

Uh, no reason. Besides the fact that somebody remembered that there was once a famous empty-arena match and gee, why don’t we have one?

The action itself wasn’t bad. Angle is just so good, and he meshes well with Sting as an opponent. But the match was between two guys from the same heel faction. Nobody was going to be favored, ergo, no need for an empty arena. And the arena wasn’t really empty: Other members of the Main Event Mafia ultimately got involved, as did security. The whole gimmick blew up like Hiroshima.

Wrestling booking needs a quality-control editor. The quality-control editor wouldn’t contribute creatively. His job would be to review completed scripts, pointing out flaws in things like logic and chronology. But hey, it’s only wrestling. Who notices flaws in logic and chronology besides the paying customers?

(One thing was HILARIOUS about the Memphis empty-arena match: Lawler arrived for it in his crown and cape, and Funk famously ridiculed Lawler for it. Lawler later said he regretted his choice of garb, as he should have. He showed up for an unattended no-holds-barred brawl dressed as the Burger King.)


Hulk Hogan has lied his way through life, and to great effect when it comes to money and notoriety. But Hogan hit the pinnacle of 55 glorious years of deceit when he told the Los Angeles Times that he was considered for the lead role in "The Wrestler" before it was given to Mickey Rourke.

Darren Aronofsky is a wrestling fan, but given Hogan’s performances in "No Holds Barred," "Mr. Nanny" and "Suburban Commando," it’s impossible to believe that such an accomplished producer/director looked at Hogan for a role that required playing someone other than himself.

From "Rocky III" through "Muppets from Space," all Hogan has ever really done is play himself, and that’s dandy by him. There’s never been a more compelling character as far as Hogan is concerned.

Had Hogan played Randy The Ram, he would have doubtless played the creative-control card to change a few things:

Instead of juicing his hand when he waited on that old lady at the deli counter, he would have press-slammed her into the olive loaf, then leg-dropped her in the middle of the potato salad. And she would have been played by Ric Flair.
His daughter Brooke would have played Cassidy.
He wouldn’t have sold the heart attack.
Instead of "Sweet Child O' Mine," his entrance music for the final match would have been "Real American" covered by W. Axl Rose, with Jimmy Hart producing. Hart would have brought it in on time and under budget.
Ed Leslie would have bought The Ram’s steroids for him.


Bruno Sammartino criticized Mickey Rourke for (allegedly) using steroids to achieve the physique he sported in "The Wrestler."

Earth to Bruno: If Rourke used bodybuilding drugs to craft his appearance for "The Wrestler," it didn’t result in him enjoying a competitive advantage or heightened push. He merely wanted to look the part. That’s what actors do. He was hired to play a wrestler, so he did what he had to do to look like one. It was a lot easier than finding a wrestler who wasn’t on steroids that could also act.


Here are two quotes from an active wrestler regarding the Verne Gagne nursing-home homicide:

"I don’t care how old you are, nobody’s going to want to do the job."
"He killed his territory. What’s one guy?"

Credit: Mark Madden @

Independent Contractors Lawsuit Against WWE Dismissed

The lawsuit that Scott "Raven" Levy, Christopher "Kanyon" Klucsarits and "Above Average" Michael Sanders had filed against WWE over the company's treatment of wrestlers as independent contractors rather than full time employees was dismissed by a U.S. federal judge.

Credit: Slam! Wrestling

Thursday, February 26, 2009

More on GCW Situation Involving Tag Team Champions "Southside Trash"

The following was posted on this site yesterday:

Drew Golden and Randy Harris, known in wrestling circles as "The Southside Trash," have informed the management of Great Championship Wrestling that they are quitting the company effective immediately.

Apparently, Golden & Harris disagreed with GCW management on how the team was being used, and decided leaving was the best option for all parties.

UPDATE Thursday, 2-26-09:

Here is the official statement from the management of GCW regarding the situation:

"Neither Diane Hewes or Quentin Michaels, nor any other member of GCW management, have been contacted by Drew Golden, Randy Harris, or any other representative of the Southside Trash. It is hopeful that the Southside Trash, personal issues or not, would not back out on its fanbase for an advertised match, as well as disrespect Orion Bishop, Murder One, Cru Jones, and Shaun Banks, all whom are also advertised in the match put in jeopardy by this unprofessional and yet to be confirmed situation. Suitable substitutions will be made in the event the Trash decide to no show, however as of now, they are still advertised and booked for Thursdays event, as the last words spoken directly to us by Mr. Golden at 10pm Tuesday night were "I'll see you Thursday." In light of that, GCW will take Golden and Harris at face value for their agreed appearance, and let their actions, or lack of, speak louder then words this Thursday Night in Phenix City."

Credit: Southeastern Wrestling News

Chikara News

CHIKARA: Squire Dave Taylor debuts! NYC bus trip to King of Trios 2009!

Starting on Friday, March 27th, CHIKARA will host the largest pro-wrestling tournament of the year - King of Trios - at the (ECW) Arena! 48 wrestlers from around the world will converge on South Philadelphia for this annual tradition, and it promises to be the wrestling smorgasbord you simply can't do without! Claudio Castagnoli's Team Uppercut is taking shape, and just added to the mix is former WWE/WCW star Squire Dave Taylor, who will be making his CHIKARA debut!
If you live in NYC, and want to experience first-hand the massive beast that is King of Trios, drop by this page ( to read up on bus trip and ticket options that will bring you to and from the ECW Arena, organized by great CHIKARA fans just like you! The January bus trip was a smashing success, so seats are expected to fill up quickly for the March trip!

As of today, these 14 teams are confirmed for the tournament:
The Cold Front: Al Snow & Iceberg & Glacier
The F1rst Family: Arik Cannon & North Star Express (Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz)
The Death Match Kings: Necro Butcher & Toby Klein & Brain Damage
The Future is Now: Equinox & Lince Dorado & Helios
The Roughnecks: Brodie Lee & Eddie Kingston & Grizzly Redwood
Da Soul Touchaz: Willie 'Da Bomb' Richardson & Trauma & Marshe Rockett
The Masters of a Thousand Holds: Mike Quackenbush & Johnny Saint & Jorge Rivera
Team Uppercut: Claudio Castagnoli & Dave Taylor & ???
F.I.S.T.: Gran Akuma & Icarus & Chuck Taylor
Incoherence: Hallowicked & Frightmare & Delirious
Team PWG: El Generico & the Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)
Team CZW: Pinkie Sanchez & Beef Wellington & Greg Excellent
Team EPIC WAR: Austin Aries & Tony Kozina & Ryan Drago
The Osirian Portal: Amasis & Escorpion Egipcio & Ophidian

...all the participating teams will be unveiled by next week - after that, it'll be time to reveal some first-round matches!

The 2nd annual Fan Conclave takes place on Saturday afternoon, March 28th, as part of King of Trios 2009 weekend! Read up on it here:

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the likes of Johnny Saint, Glacier, Necro Butcher, Al Snow, Austin Aries, Squire Dave Taylor, Jorge "Skayde" Rivera, the Young Bucks and so many more under one roof! Tickets for King of Trios 2009 can be purchased here: , but be advised that front row seating has already SOLD OUT!

King of Trios 2009
3.27.2009 - 3.29.2009 - Friday Evening through Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The New Alhambra!
7 W. Ritner St.
in scenic South Philly, PA!

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TIWF Results from 2-21 in Trenton, TN

Royale Executioner beat American Hero
Frankie Tucker beat Seth Knight
Chico Mendoza/Shawn Hardy beat Mr. X/The Convict
Russian Assassin beat Sgt Pain
Devon Day beat Wild Bill to retain TIWF Title
AC Styles/Hardknocks Holligan beat WayCool/Lawman Williams to retain the TIWF Tag Team titles
PK Ripper beat Chris Lexxus to win TV Title


Press Release from Ring of Honor

February 24th

The top two female wrestlers to emerge from the St.
Louis wrestling scene in recent years will clash over the SHIMMER
Championship when ROH returns to the Gateway Center on March 13th.
SHIMMER Champion "Your Soul's Tormentor" MsChif will put the title on
the line against her former ally Daizee Haze! This bout was
originally scheduled to take place at ROH's St. Louis area debut, but
had to be postponed when MsChif was sidelined with an injury. Now
that she is back at 100%, MsChif, fighting at the side of Jimmy
Jacobs and the Age of the Fall, will attempt to hold onto her title
against a very determined woman who would like nothing more than to
see Jimmy Jacobs' "movement" destroyed. There is no more fitting
location for The Haze to challenge for the SHIMMER Championship than
right in her old stomping grounds of St. Louis, and it will happen on
March 13th!

Is the Rock a "Sellout" according to Jim Ross?

Jim Ross recently updated his Q & A section on his official website at where he took on the subject of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson completely distancing himself from pro wrestling.

"Dwayne Johnson is no sellout," said J.R. "Those that say that come off sounding ignorant in my view."

The Rock quietly retired from wrestling around 2004, and has since become a major action movie star with endorsement from Disney as a leading man.

"Dwayne's work ethic while he was in WWE was beyond approach as was his character. He was never a problem and no one ever put forth more effort in the ring. The results he attained are documented. There may be some who say they would not have done what Dwayne did which was simply change vocations/jobs but the vast majority of wrestlers that I have ever known would have done the same thing if given the opportunity," Ross continued "I am proud of Dwayne's WWE accomplishments and I am a big fan of his movie work. Dwayne Johnson will always have the wrestling business in his blood but he simply went into another line of work. Why do people find that so hard to understand?"

Wrestling Legend May Be Implicated In Homicide Investigation

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- The Hennepin County medical examiner's office is calling the death of a 97-year-old man who was reportedly pushed by former Omaha wrestling legend Verne Gagne a homicide.

The coroner's report said Helmut Gutmann died of complications from a broken hip he suffered after being pushed Jan. 26 at a rest home in Bloomington.

While Wednesday's news release does not mention Gagne by name, Gutmann's wife has said Gagne apparently threw Gutmann to the floor at Friendship Village in Bloomington.

At the time, both men were living the facility's memory loss unit and suffered from Alzheimer's-related dementia. Gutmann also had pulmonary disease.

Gagne wrestled at the University of Minnesota and spent a brief stint with the Green Bay Packers before turning to professional wrestling in 1950. He wrestled into the early 1980s.
Gagne often wrestled in the KETV studios while he lived in Omaha.

Source: KETV.COM

Shawn Michaels the reason Angelina Love got involved recently conducted an interview with TNA Knockout Angelina Love. The likely future TNA Women's Knockout Champion discusses her break in the wrestling business, her passion for wrestling, what TNA offers that other promotions don't, what she likes best about being a Knockout, her love for horror movies, and more. Love is also asked about her favorite wrestler of all-time, to which she replies Shawn Michaels. "Shawn Michaels is my favorite wrestler. He's the reason I got in the business," Love told "There are many that I think are absolutely awesome and super-talented, but I can honestly say the main reason I got into wrestling was because of Shawn Michaels."

Is Mick Foley happy in TNA?

Mick Foley is having a nice day. Several of them, in fact, since he joined TNA Wrestling five months ago. In town last week for an appearance on TSN's Off The Record, the hardcore legend sat down with SLAM! Wrestling to discuss both the state of TNA as well as some of his personal non-wrestling projects.

"I've loved it," he said about his time so far with TNA. In other interviews, Foley has said that his past five months have been the most fun he's had since 2000 when he was in WWE playing the Commissioner role.

"Actually," he clarified, "that wouldn't be quite true. Going back and remembering about how I really felt back then, although I loved the role, overall it was kind of a tense time.

"I had the balance of the Have a Nice Day royalties hanging over my head. So even though it would have been highly unlikely that I would have no-showed or had an argument of some kind that breached my contract, (if that happened, they could) have with-held my royalties. That was a bigger sum of money that I had made in any given year, so I felt a lot of pressure. Whereas now," he smiled, "I'm having that kind of fun without the tension. I'll go out on a limb and say it's actually been a blessing to work in TNA."

From his perspective, there's no reason why the honeymoon period can't continue. A lot of that has to do with the variety of roles Foley gets to play in the company, both on-screen and off.

"(My TV role) is multi-facted," he said. "It kind of becomes what we decide it is. At times, I'll be the authority figure; at times I'll be giving the 'State of TNA Addresses.' Maybe my big role will be being coerced back into the ring from time to time. If I can get into good enough shape to give people some semblance of the matches that I had before, I think I can be really valuable to the company in that way as well."

He's already had a taste of action in the six-sided ring, when he competed at January's pay-per-view Genesis in a six-man tag main event. Though some fans thought it premature of the company to feature Foley's return at that event, he was fine with the timing.

"Clearly it wasn't the biggest match I could have been in," he acknowledged, "but I think it may have been the right time. It's unlike (my last stint in WWE) in that now, it's not going to be one match every couple of years; it'll be a few matches a year. You don't want your jumping off point to be the absolute zenith of your time there."

If there was anything he would have changed about that night, it was the positioning of the match.

"The one thing that I would definitely have done differently," he said, "and believe me I argued for this point at the time, is that there was no way that Kurt [Angle] and Jeff [Jarrett] should not have gone on last. But that wasn't my decision to make."

While Foley may have lost that booking decision, that's not to say he doesn't have some pull with the company's creative team.

"I've got some say and it's listened to and it's respected. It reminds me of the feeling I had from the people in power at WWE for a long time." It was a change in that perception made him reconsider his spot within his former employer, he revealed. "When I realized that I'd lost that ear", he chuckled at the ironic turn of phrase, "and that what I had to say wasn't considered to be that important that I realized my days in WWE were possibly limited."

Contrarily, Foley believes he has more places to go in TNA, starting with next month's Destination X pay-per-view. While he won't necessarily play a prominent role on that show, Foley believes it will be fully appropriate in terms of longer-term planning.

"One of the things that impressed me about TNA is that they have a big picture. I made it very clear that the show did not need to be about me. I saw the big picture and I realized that I can make contributions when they are needed. So while I don't see Destination X as something that I'll play a large role in, it will be an important role in the bigger picture."

While he wouldn't provide any spoilers, he did hint that his role at April's Lockdown may not be as minor. "I am training and gearing up as if I might have to do something at that show. I'll leave it at that, for people to wonder about," he teased.

Possibly, he hinted, that match may signal him taking a more central role in the company's major storyline, the feud between the Main Event Mafia and the Front Line

"I think the feud has given a lot of focus to the show. We haven't seen anybody jump sides, and depending on who does, it could be even more interesting. (It could) shake things up in a big way. Who knows? It might be me."

No matter what twists and turns the storyline may take, Foley encourages fans to stick along for the ride. He's aware that some critics have not always agreed with TNA's creative direction, and didn't shy away from addressing those views.

"Some people have a love-hate relationship with TNA," he acknowledged, "like they really want it to work but sometimes they get frustrated when things don't seem to go the way they like it. (To those people, I say) just have patience. Some weeks we're going to hit the bullseye, sometimes we're going to miss the target completely. But overall, a year from now, I think people will think that the company has made great strides."

Great Read!!

Credit: Bob Kapur @ Slam! Wrestling

TNA Star loses home from fire

TNA Star Shark Boy loses his home in fire.

*Very sad to lose everything you got*

Shark Boy lost his home and all of his possessions in a fire in Ohio. The fire occurred while he was on the road working at the TNA tapings in Orlando and among the items lost were his entire supply of Shark Boy merchandise. As a result, outstanding merchandise orders will be refunded and no new orders will be accepted at this time.

Source: SharkBoy.Net

ASWF celebrating 10 Years

ASWF has ran a successful show for the past 10 Years. They have brought in many superstars such as Jim Duggan, Jimmy Valiant, Rock N Roll Express, Buddy Landell, Kevin Nash, Jerry Lawler. If your ever in the Tuckerman, Arkansas area be sure to check their shows out at the Valiant Arena.

To celebrate their 10th Anniversary, ASWF has created a new logo.

Breaking News!!!


Memphis Wrestling will not be at White Station High School Gym. The show has been moved to Minglewood Hall located at 1555 Madison Avenue, Midtown Memphis. Belltime will be 8:00

This is a joint effort to reach out to the Memphis Urban Youth program "Stop The Violence" to raise funds and set up youth wrestling camps. There will be a Diva Match, A Hardcore Match, and a Over The Top Rope Battle Royal $10,000 to the winner.

Bill "Superstar" Dundee, "Grandmasta Sexay" Brain Christopher, "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert, King Cobra, "The Outlaw" Don Bass, Hollywood Jimmy, Psycho" Sid Vicious, Su Young, Misty James, "The Nature Boy" Kevin White, Garry White, and many more.