Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bobby Heenan Seriously Injured


WWE Hall of Famer Bobby Heenan has suffered several injuries in the last several weeks.

Heenan fell several weeks ago and broke his hip. While in rehabilitation, he slipped and suffered a broken shoulder as well as a fractured hip. Heenan will now have surgery on August 4th for the broken shoulder.

Due to these injuries, Heenan has been forced out of his appearance at the NWA Legends Fan Convention. He was originally going to attend the convention in a wheel chair.

Get well soon Brain.

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Former WWE Champ Has Cancer Scare: Gets Good News

Former WWE star John "Bradshaw" Layfield posted the following on his Twitter account: "My last test was today. After three months of worrying and doctor visits, I got a clean bill of health today and no sign of cancer."

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VIDEO: HBK Posts New Video Addressing Internet Rumors, New Website

The following is a new YouTube video featuring Shawn Michaels commenting on some recent internet rumors:

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Several Wrestlers Turn Down TNA's "HardCORE Justice" Invite is reporting that former ECW star Shane Douglas turned down TNA's "HardCORE Justice" invitation. He joins other names such as Mikey Whipwreck, Roadkill, Lance Storm and Steve Corino as former ECW talent who will NOT be taking part in the event.

Additionally, former ECW star Mikey Whipwreck posted the following on his Facebook page: "For the record, I have no intentions of doing the TNA PPV. I'm happy for guys that are doing it but it's nice to see the little bingo hall company everyone 'blew off' back in the days as 'insignificant' is called upon every time business is in the toilet."

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TNA Confirms 11 Former ECW Names For "HardCORE Justice"

TNA has confirmed that the following names will appear at the "HardCORE Justice" PPV. The event's website is reporting that more names will be revealed in the near future.

-Tommy Dreamer
-Mick Foley
-Rob Van Dam
-Team 3D
-Stevie Richards
-Simon Diamond
-Al Snow
-Axl Rotten
-Johnny Swinger

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Dawn Marie Responds To Recent Embezzlement Accusations

Former WWE and ECW talent Dawn Marie Damatta has issued the following press release:

On behalf of myself, the Wrestlers’ Rescue organization, and the many volunteers and donors, I'd like to strenuously deny and condemn the false and baseless defamatory statements currently circulating concerning an alleged investigation and or corruption in Wrestlers' Rescue. Not only are the accusations false they contain no merit and they are disrespectful to the volunteers who have invested their time, energies, and hearts into helping former professional wrestlers in need.

These statements (most of which appear to have begun following comments made by Mike Aldren) are defamatory and contain no basis or fact. These unfounded false allegations have put at risk our efforts to help the former stars who currently face major personal, medical, and financial crises. The damage these falsehoods may have done to real people (not wrestling “characters”) is immeasurable.

I am currently weighing options for an appropriate and comprehensive response. When I have decided on my best course of action, as well as exploring legal options on behalf of both myself and Wrestlers’ Rescue, I will address all allegations.

A full and complete refutation of all false claims will accompany our forthcoming formal response, in the courts and/or other venues. More importantly, though I wish to express the anger I feel that for the sake of a few web hits and some false ego-gratification, all those who spread his falsehoods as “truth” may have put at risk Wrestlers' Rescue's attempts to aid good and well-loved people facing enormously difficult circumstances.

Unfortunately, internet rumor mongers feel that they can tarnish people and an organization’s reputation without any evidence and still have impunity. It is truly shameful that I must even dignify these individuals who have nothing more than time and a computer, to address these harmful and baseless allegations.

I give thanks to all my friends and colleagues who have called and written to express their anger at this attack and their support of me. It is for people like you and not the Mike Aldren's of the world that Wrestlers' Rescue exists and will expand.

Dawn Marie

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

IWA presents: Liberation TOMORROW NIGHT!

Location: IWA Arena (1225 Stateline Road, Southaven, MS) Bell Time: 7:30 PM

Prices: $5 for Adults $2 for kids

Scheduled Bouts Include:

IWA World Heavyweight Championship
"The Magnificent" Reno Diamond vs. "The Chosen Appointed" Antwane Wise (C)

Fatal Four-way for IWA Television Championship
Bishop Kage vs Blalok The Blazer vs The Crime vs Chris Lexx (C)

IWA Tag Team Championship
Full Deck [Ace and Joker] vs SnS [Syn and DJ Stunner](C)

Unsanctioned Match (Career vs Wardrobe)
The Sniper vs Precious

Grudge Match
Xander Raines w/ Terra Rae vs Jason Steele

Mr. Brooks w/ Samoan Raja vs Drew Donovan


Also appearances by Malik "The Great", IWA Lightweight Champ Suicide, The Asylum and more.

Benefit Press Release

On July 4th, a car wreck involving five people turned everyone's lives upside down. Two people were killed, and two more were put in the hospital when one of Kid Nikels' Eric Wayne's roommates was hit by a drunk driver.. who was perfectly fine and fled the scene(but was caught later).

On August 14th at 6PM there will be a benefit for KT, Liz, and Jason Flick who was in the hospital for 3weeks with severe head trauma, multiple break in his neck and more injuries. KT was Liz's boyfriend and he lost his life this day. The benefit will be held at the NEW Arena in West Memphis, AR. The following matches have already been signed: "Dangerous" Dan Matthews/"Primetime" Kevin Charles aka "Prime Danger" vs. Shawn Reed/Justin Smart and the US Jr. Heavyweight Champion "The Human Highlight Reel" Austin Lane takes on "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony.

Admission is $5 per person at the door. However, if you buy two tickets you will receive one free. Children 12 and under are free with an adult. Donations will be taken at the door and through out the show. Door prizes will also be raffled off during intermission.

Please note: this is not an NEW show or TV taping. More matches will be announced before the show as well. So come out and enjoy an evening of wrestling and help support a good cause!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Look into the Future Part 2

Ever wondered what your favorite area wrestlers will look like in 20 years? Psycho used his age detector device to look into the future.


20 Years Later:

DJ Stunner

20 Years Later:

Deadly Dale

20 Years Later:

Cody Only

20 Years Later:

Izzy Rotten

20 Years Later:

Be sure to check out Part 1 of Look into the Future with Suicide, Blalock the Blazer, Idol Bane, "Hollywood" Jimmy, & Pappy.

Xtreme Elite Fight Nation

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NWA Top Rope 5th Anniversary July 24th Pics

Pictures from NWA's Top Rope 5th Anniversary show are now published. If you are ever in the Lebanon, TN area, you have got to check out NWA Top Rope. It's a must see show.

NWA Top Rope
Every Saturday Night
220 East High Street