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EPW results from saturday night in Booneville, MS

At the beginning of the show, "Dangerous" David Cox came out for an interview and was attacked and beaten down by Cassanova Kid & Bonecrusher, who said they were angry about being stripped of the EPW Tag Team belts a couple of weeks ago by Promoter Edith Poole.

"DC" David Cross defeated Chrome w/Antoin Smooth.

Bonecrusher & Cassanova Kid vs. Buzz Harley & Chazz Stone turned intoi a brawl and ended in a double count out.

Second round of the tournament to crown a new EPW North Mississippi Champion:

"Big Daddy" Neno w/Antoin Smooth defeated Robert "The Main Factor" Devine to advance to the final match.

Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor defeated "The Future" Chris Styles to advance to the final match.

Neil Taylor defeated Neno to win the EPW North Mississippi Championship.

Main event:
Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher & "New Nature Boy" Kevin White
vs. 24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler). Loser of the pin fall leaves EPW. Controversial finish and the match was eventually re-started. Brian Christopher was pinned for the
3-count and is gone from EPW. Brian was furious and called Edith into the ring and demanded that she do something to change the ruling. Edith refused, and said he would have to leave EPW. Edith ended up getting beaten down by Brian Christopher and Kevin White.

Next EPW event is this Saturday night, 4/2/2011, at the EPW Arena on Highway 145 in Booneville, MS. Bell time is 8:00 p.m.

How will Brisn Christopher's forced departure affect EPW? What does the future hold for Kevin White in EPW? Find out the answers to these and other questions THIS Saturday night at EPW. Don't miss it!

Trish Stratus interview highlights


It's been a busy couple of months for the legendary 7-time Women's Champ, Trish Stratus. She's back in the WWE fold with the USA Network revival of Tough Enough, she's going to WrestleMania this Sunday, has a movie premiering in one week and is on the cover of Oxygen magazine! With so much going on in the Stratusphere, we decided to give the Diva Dirt Legacy Award winner a call and discuss!

In this exclusive interview, a sequel to our first interview ( last September, Trish dishes on her return to WWE, working with Snooki and this Sunday's WrestleMania 27 extravaganza in Atlanta. In this one hour+ interview, we also speak in depth about the upcoming season of Tough Enough, which premieres next week, as Trish gives us her opinion on each of the five female contestants. We also touch upon her stunning Oxygen magazine cover, the world premiere of her debut movie 'Bail Enforcers', and the WWE release of Dave 'Fit' Finlay who had a big hand in Trish's training and success in the ring as a WWE Diva.

Some quotes:

On getting the call to do Tough Enough: "I would say it was about the beginning of February I got this call, 'Hey, we got this new show Tough Enough which you might have heard about. We want you to be the female trainer on the show' and of course I was just absolutely honored to be asked. [...] At first they told me, 'We can't really tell you the details on who's going to be involved yet'. I was like, 'Hmm, well, last time I accepted a show and I didn't know who was involved, I ended up working with Erik Estrada and Latoya Jackson, so I'd like to know please'. [Laughs] They told me 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin would be the host and I said, 'I'm in'. And then Bill DeMott and Booker T [became involved] as well, so I was like 'Oh absolutely'."

One of the things that made her want to come back & do the storyline going into WrestleMania: "The opportunity came up to work with Lay-Cool which I'm so excited about. I mean they've done such great work. People love to hate them. As a fan, I've sat back and I've watched -- especially Layla -- [I've] watched them grow into these great workers. They've really come along, especially when you think about where both of their backgrounds are. They've put in the work to develop their characters. [...] I was a big fan of their work so to come back and work with them was a neat little opportunity."

What it's like working with Snooki: "She's so sweet. The first time I met her -- the first Raw -- she was just really excited to be there and really open minded and I love that when people come from other worlds and are just like, 'Okay, what do you want me to do?'. Sometimes you get that resistance like, 'Hmm, I don't know if I could do that...' and she was just totally into it."


Lawler interview highlights


Jerry "The King" Lawler recently did an interview with Alex Marvez for He talks WrestleMania, Michael Cole, and more. Here are some highlights:

How his mother would react to WWE's storyline: "Probably not, but I don't mean that in a bad way. My mom was never a wrestling fan. She worked for us for 20 years at the (Memphis) wrestling company, but all she did was sold advance tickets for us. She never stayed for the matches. She couldn't stand watching me wrestle. It made her too nervous. No matter what age, I was always her baby. She was worried about her son getting hurt."

On nearly giving up on a WrestleMania match: "Every single year it just seemed like something else would come up. I'd get pushed to the backburner or it just wasn't remembered. When 2009 and 2010 came and went with nothing there, I wasn't really expecting anything just because it was a situation where I thought the age thing was going to play a big factor."

His WrestleMania match with Michael Cole: "All I know is when I hit him, he's going down one way or the other whether he knows how to fall or not. In that respect, I don't think there's any way he can screw up"



Brian Christopher has been hospitalized. The rumors coming in is that Brian has Pancreatitis and was rushed by to the hospital by ambulance. We here at WNC wish him a speedy recovery and will be updating his condition as it comes in.

Latest from Pro Wrestling Ohio

PWO TV #112: Raven's Rules

PWO, Pro Wrestling Ohio, has established itself as one of the most-watched independent wrestling television shows in the country today. Airing weekly every Sunday night at 10 PM EST on SportsTime Ohio, a channel available in over 4.5 cable homes throughout Ohio and surrounding states, as well as available nationwide on providers such as DirecTV, Dish Network, and AT&T U-verse. Since premiering in the fall of 2007, literally starting from scratch and building from the ground up with countless eyes upon them, PWO has slowly grown and evolved year-by-year and stands proudly today bigger and stronger than ever before.

Now, PWO reaches the next stage of its development as PWO TV finally makes its way online! PWO TV has strived to present compelling conflicts and characters and episodic television in a manner rarely seen on an independent level. Now, you online will have the opportunity to view new episodes of PWO on a weekly basis, as well as dig into the PWO archives and watch our evolution, pitfalls, trials and triumphs from day one.


PWO TV #112: Raven's Rules

Raven/Krimson/Kirst vs. Matthew Justice/Jason Gory/Corey Winters
For many weeks now, "The Embodiment of Evil" Krimson and his demonic disciple Kirst have been planning a "family reunion" with a man they expect to join and enhance their cause of misery and destruction, former multiple-time World Champion Raven. With Raven by their side, Krimson and company could very well be unbeatable. However, Matthew Justice has been the only man brave enough to stand up to Krimson and his macabre mind game and this usual "One Man Militia" has enlisted Jason Gory and Corey Winters into his army, two young men looking to make an impact and get noticed. A win here would certainly accomplish that, but does everyone know what they are getting into? Will this battle of mind games illicit some unexpected results?

Marion Fontaine's First Week As PWO Champion
"The Megastar" captured his first PWO Title, thanks in part to his friend and rumored business partner Aaron Maguire. This week, we hear from the new champ, but unbeknownst to him we'll also here from his first challenger and newly-named #1 contender. Is Fontaine's celebration short-lived?

Johnny Gargano Injured - Exclusive Footage
Marion Fontaine used a nightstick to the already-injured neck of Johnny Gargano to defeat him for the PWO Title, however it was what happened after PWO TV went off the air that may have been even more damaging. Gargano was the victim of a mysterious and unexplainable assault, and we hope to have exclusive footage of the incident and an update on Gargano's condition this week.

Sex Appeal's "True Talent" Bobby Shields vs. Aeroform's Louis Lyndon
The Sex Appeal vs. Ninja Elite Squad/Aeroform rivalry continues to heat up over philosophical differences. Shields & company may feel the NES style has no place in pro wrestling, but the East Lansing Dojo graduate Lyndon will bring a vast array of martial arts skills and high-flying offense to the table. Sex Appeal's Nicki Valentino defeated Aeroform's Flip Kendrick two weeks ago. Can Bobby Shields make it 2-0 or will Louis Lyndon even the score?

"The Natural" Brian Bender vs. Dan Arkham
Bender has been out to prove he's a changed man since embarking on his own, and thanks to a rigorous gym & diet regimen is in fantastic physical shape, and also fantastic mental shape as well. Can Brian Bender prove his athleticism and skill can take him where he needs to go? Step one is this week.


Official Website:
PWO TV Online:
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Sent in by: Joe Dombrowski

The 1st Annual "ASSAULT ON AUTISM" show on Saturday night,April the 2nd in Milton,FL

On Saturday night,April the 2nd,
the 1st Annual
will be taking place
at the Milton Community Center
located on 5629 Byrom Street
in Milton,FL.

Proceeds from the show will benefit
Autism Pensacola Incorporated,
an association based in the Pensacola,FL area
of parents,professionals
and concerned community members
that are dedicated to supporting,advocating,educating,
networking and providing hope for people
affected by autism and related disorders
of communication and behavior
along the Gulf Coast.

Doors will be opening at 6 PM.
Belltime is at 7 PM.

Admission is only $5
and children ages 6 years and younger
get into the show for free
when they are accompanied to the show
by either a paying parent
or by a guardian.

Some of the matches that are planned
for the "Assault on Autism" benefit show
are the following.....

Main event will be a Battle Royal
for the first ever
"Assault on Autism"
Battle Royal Championship trophy

New Heights Wrestling Champion
"The Big Deal"
Ryan Holland
Waylon Barley

All Pro Wrestling Champion
Ricky "The Rocket" Roberts
"The Artist Of Astonishment"
Kid Matthews


New Heights Wrestling Tag Team Champions
The California Kid and Chuck N' Dales
"The Human Wrecking Machine"
Shane Gibson


For more information about the
the 1st Annual
in Milton,FL,
please call
either one of these two phone numbers below.....

To find out more information
about Autism Pensacola Inc.,
please go to either their official website:

or to their official Facebook site:

Results from the March 27th All Pro Wrestling (APW-FL) show in Pensacola,FL


In the opening bout,
1/2 of the All Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions
and 1/2 of the tag team "The Entourage"
"The Icon"

"The Evolution"

via 1-2-3 pinfall
with a devastating superkick.




via 1-2-3 pinfall
as the very bizarre and highly unorthodox
Rainbow Warrior
planted a kiss on the lips of Deathwish,
then rolling him up
while placing both of his feet
on the middle ring rope
unbeknownst to the peripheral view
of the APW referee
to score the tawdry 1-2-3 victory.


In a Tag Team Match,
the team of
"The XTinguisher"

defeated the team of
"The Bruiserweight"
"The Ghetto Superstar"

via 1-2-3 pinfall
as Marcus Gibbs finished off Maze
with a sitout 3/4 facelock jawbreaker

scoring the 1-2-3 victory
for his team.


In the Semi Main Event,

"The Fortunate One"
with his manager
at ringside

via 1-2-3 pinfall
with a roll-up.


In the Main Event
6 Man Tag Team Match,
the team of
"The Port City Players"
(the city of Mobile,AL is nicknamed
'The Port City')
consisting of
"Team Elite"
"Wrestling Royalty"
and his tag team partner
"The Canadian Superstar"
AEON FLEXX (right)
and the All Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion
"The Rocket"


whose APW Heavyweight Championship
was on the line
due to a stipulation
that was added prior to the match
by newly appointed APW Commissioner
Curt Diamond

defeated the team of
"The Young Guns"
"The Artist Of Astonishment"
and his tag team partner
D.D.G. (middle)
(Drop Dead Gorgeous)
along with former WWE/TNA Superstar
"The Road Dogg"

with the manager of
"The Young Guns"
at ringside

via 1-2-3 pinfall
as Rocky "The Rocket" Roberts
KOd "The Road Dogg" Jesse James
right between the eyes
from outside the ring
with his APW Heavyweight Championship belt,

then returning back into the ring
to cover and hook the leg
of the unconscious "Road Dogg" Jesse James
scoring the tawdry 1-2-3 victory for his team
and in the process
retaining his APW Heavyweight Championship.

After the match,
"The Port City Players"
brutally attacked
"The Young Guns"
and "The Road Dogg" Jesse James.
Ricky "The Rocket" Roberts also
severely injured the left ankle of
"The Road Dogg" Jesse James
with an ankle lock.

Order was restored
when APW Commissioner Curt Diamond
was about to levy serious fines and suspensions
upon the guilty,criminal perpetrators.

The APW Commissioner also fined "Team Elite"
and docked the pay
of the winner's share of the purse
from "Team Elite"
following the brutal,post-match attack
inside the ring.

The extent to the injury of the left ankle
of "The Road Dogg" Jesse James
have not been disclosed
by the offices of All Pro Wrestling,

but the former WWE/TNA Superstar
"The Road Dogg" Jesse James
was however able
to get back up on his feet
on his own accord,

and he was also able to leave the ring
and walk back to the locker room
under his own power.


at the APW West Pensacola Sportatorium
located on 6510 W. Jackson Street
in Pensacola,FL.

Doors will be opening at 6 PM.
Belltime is at 7 PM.
Children ages 3 years and under get into the show for free
when they are accompanied to the show
by either a paying parent or by a guardian.

Official All Pro Wrestling Facebook Fan Page Site:

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Upcoming NWA-MSW shows

NWA-MSW TV Taping event
Official website:
Friday April 1st
Community Center Building
100 Valley Street
Matoaka, WV
7:30pm est.


Stro "the Maestro of Wrestling" and "Dark Horse" Matt Barnett
King Bull Dozer and "The Reaper" Matt Conard

Ron Sexton

Plus: The Bunkhouse Boys, Nigerian Nightmares, Baronis Brothers, Ricky Shane, Karl, Andy Awesome, Scott Raines, Tommy Hawk, Shawn Cruz, and more!

NWA-MSW TV Taping event
Official website:
Saturday April 2nd
Summersville Youth and Community Center
411 Old Main Drive
Summersville, WV
7:30pm est.


NWA Mountain State Heavyweight Championship
Stro "The Maestro of Wrestling" vs. Karl vs. Ricky Shane

NWA-MSW Tag Team Championship
Bunkhouse Boys vs. Nigerian Nightmares

Plus: Scott Raines, Skeeter, Matt Conard, Andy Awesome, Matt Barnett, Baronis Brothers, Tommy Hawk, and more!

The next NWA-MSW Super Show will be April 9th at the Summers County Memorial Building off of 97 Park Avenue in Hinton, WV! Belltime 7:30pm est.


Last-Man Standing Match
NWA Mountain State Heavyweight Championship
Stro The Maestro of Wrestling (champion)
King BullDozer

King BullDozer cost Stro the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Stro ruined King BullDozer�s Coronation. Who will reign supreme in NWA -MSW and be the �Last Man Standing� ? Find out April 9th!

Bunkhouse Rules Match
NWA-MSW Tag Team Championship
The Bunkhouse Boys (champions)
Cruz Control

Best 3 out of 5 series (NWA-MSW title contract ladder match)
Ricky Shane

Submission Match (only way to win is by submission)
NWA-MSW Jr. Heavyweight Championship
The Reaper Matt Conard (champion)
The Dark Horse Matt Barnett

Plus more!

Credit: Stro @

RVD reveals who convinced him to join TNA

Former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam did an interview with The Sun in the UK talking about leaving WWE and eventually signing with TNA.

"When my contract ended with the WWE, TNA tried to get me straight away but I said no. Eric Bischoff called me, Dixie Carter called me, even Jason Hervey picked up the phone. But I said to myself that they were not serious because (Hulk) Hogan hadn't called yet ... Then he did, I was doing my radio show and Hogan called in. The guy spent a half hour explaining on the air why I should join him in TNA. That was what got me here. Hulk is the most recognized guy there is in the industry, I value his opinion and knew he was doing what he felt was best for us all when he brought guys like myself to TNA."


IWA Mid-South closes down - again

IWA Mid-South has shut down yet again. Jerry Wiseman of The Columbus Pro Wrestling Examiner posted an article outlining the real life drama that has occurred behind the scenes.

- In a radio interview, promoter Ian Rotten offered to sell the group's wrestling ring, concession items and the IWA-MS video library.

- "Halfbreed" Billy Gram called in to the program and accused Rotten on leaving him threatening messages on his answering machine, which Rotten didn't deny.

- Mickie Knuckles, who had a short run in TNA as Moose, claimed that Rotten physically and mentally abused her during the course of their five-year relationship.

- The father of the deceased wrestler J.C. Bailey, who died from complications of head trauma, also called and wanted Rotten out of the business.

- Wrestler Bull Pain called in and lashed out at Rotten for not paying him the money he is owed.



Fallout from the now infamous Ian Rotten podcast interview - my opinion on the legal issues that cropped up. Joe Bailey's case against using footage that had JC Bailey appearing on IWA-MS videos - it will not be easy to get that blocked. Besides suing IWA-MS, he would also have to sue Smart Mark Video which has a pretty aggressive legal team. Joe Bailey would have to prove that JC didn't give consent to be filmed and show he wouldn't had known that these events would be sold on DVD. Anyone who willingly takes a booking at IWA-MS knows they are being filmed and I can't see how can be proven otherwise. The selling of drugs issue, Joe Bailey would have to press charges in Peoria County, Illinois. The type of drug given wasn't mentioned out loud during the podcast so witnesses would need to be subpoenaed to testify what drug was sold. Another question that was asked, was Ian Rotten paid to do this interview. An email inquiry to Jerry Wiseman himself by me yielded the answer that he was not paid to do this interview. And as promised by Joe Bailey, the Clarksville, IN show was blocked though IWA-MS may take the venue owners to court. As for CM Punk, I heavily disagreed with him saying OVW is the reason why he's in WWE. Whenever anyone gets signed with WWE they go to WWE developmental, which OVW was the developmental territory at the time (now it's FCW). Punk had prior runs in TNA and ROH, prior to that and concurrently was working with IWA-MS. Wiseman for some reason believed he started with OVW and got signed with WWE because of that.


SWF Card for 4/1 in Tullahoma, TN













PGWA bringing ladies wrestling event to Nashville, TN

The PGWA is very proud to be teaming up once again with Women's Xtreme Championship Wrestling to bring a night of ladies pro wrestling to the Music City! Join us on Saturday, April 16th.

We've lined up a roster full of women who are guaranteed to give fans some outstanding action: Britain's Miss Rachel, Tracy Taylor (defending her PGWA title), Jessie Belle Smothers, Nemesis, Mickie Knuckles, Christie Ricci, Sin-D, Amanda Ruffen and making their PGWA and/or WXCW debuts, Heather Owens, Nikki Diamond, Misty James and Abriella of Amazonia. As always, roster is subject to change.

Belltime 8 PM, doors open 6:30. Ringside tickets are $10, General Admission $8, kids 5 years and under FREE! We'll be at the world famous Stadium Inn, 10 Interstate Dr, Nashville TN. Take Exit 48 off I-24.

Watch for more info soon at!

Credit: Brian Gaddis @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

Revised USWO/ATL card for Friday April 1 in Nashville

Phil Shatter vs Tommy Mercer!!!!

Friday 4/1 at the downtown Stadium Inn, I-24 and James Robertson Parkway
Bell time 8:02 PM-$10 ringside, $8 general admission, kids 5 and under free!

Main Event-USWO Championship
Wolfie D (c) vs "The Shelby Street Brawler" Jocephus

"The Matinee Idol" Jason Nesmith vs "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant

Damien Payne vs "Headliner" Chris Michaels

Mean Mike Woods vs Psycho Medic

USWO Music City Champion "Amazing One" Kevin Dunn vs Panther

Crusher Eric Hodge vs ATL Jr. Champion Nick Iggy vs Antonio Cathey (w/Gordon)

Jamey Farrari vs Jay Summers

Saint vs Tim Renesto

and other stuff

Credit: Mr. USWO @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

FTW results from 3-26 in Newbern, TN

-1st Match: “Naughty by Nature” “Georgia Boys” [Gaylon Ray/Shannon Lee] beat [Pokerface/Rude].

-2cnd Match: Kyatia beat Ricky Andrews in a “Flag on a Pole” Match. It was going Andrews’s way until Mad Money Mike threw a chain to Kyatia to use for the win. Kyatia then strapped Andrews after the match to set up a strap match this week.

-3rd Match: “Metal Brothers” [Jai Webster/Suicide] beat “Swagger Boys” [Weezy/Biscuit] to advance to semi-finals of the tag tourney.

-4th Match: Syn/Stunner beat Motley Cruz/Eric Hayes by DQ with special ref Jason The Brain. Cruz kept his heat using the spike he used to bust up Sarge and Mickey from last week. Heat on Syn with hot tag to Stunner. During the hot tag, Hayes accidently hit Cruz and Cruz dropped the spike. Jason dq’ed them and Cruz beat Hayes up until Sarge made the save.Syn/Stunner move into the semi-finals.

-Main Event: “SOBs” [Kid/Mark Justice] beat The Shadows to advance to the semi-finals. Finish had the Shadows do the “Nightmares” switcharoo and then Shadow hit mist in the ref’s eyes when Justice pulled him into the way. SOBs hit springboard double closeline from the top rope to win the match.


146 in the building, which was a 29% decrease in the crowd the week before. The return of EWE with a free and the end of the month had to have some effect on them. The true test is the next four weeks when each go head to head with paid crowds…Looks like NxN will be at EWE… Andrews is being booked perfectly as a babyface – taking a beating over and over. It will just get him over more…Jason Reed was suppose to be Cruz’ partner, but they said Reed was “double-booked” – not sure what is going on there. It probably got a good pop, but I would have saved Sarge from the crowd…Driveby is in a new SOB – he is called Dirty SOB…Not sure the shoot story behind the name change, but the angle has Billy Rush [commish] changing it to Full Tennessee Wrestling because it is the fans of Tennesse’s show, not Mad Money Mike…Next week has the fans strap match, Dixie defends against Running Wolf and the finals of the tag tournament…Rush also announced that Robert “The Main Factor” Devine had signed to come in and I look for them to give him a big babyface push.

Credit: Brian Tramel @

Brain Christopher Pissed Off At EPW!!

XOW Wrestling This Sunday In Hernando Ms.

XOW Wrestling will be at the The Spot Bar And Grill located at Commerce Street in Hernando. Bell time will be at 4:00 this Sunday. Three bands, The Revolvers, Teachers Pet and CEPO will also be there. The event will benefit the Youngblood family. All donations welcome, the XOW wrestling will outside and the bands start at 6:00 inside The Spot Bar.

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Memphis Heat Draws Real Heat! Top 5 in Nation Box Office Screen Average Opening Weekend

pictures above (photo Don Perry): Wrestling Legends Buddy Wayne, Jerry Jarrett, Len Rossi
Sputnik Monroe's daughter Natalie Bell and son Quentin Brumbaugh receive National Sputnik Monroe Day proclamation from Congressman Steve Cohen's aide Beanie Self

Jimmy Hart with legendary Memphis wrestling announce Dave Brown

Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin’ opened to rave reviews from the media, the fans, and the wrestlers themselves. Additionally, the limited run premiere held an average screen box office of over $3900, enough to rank just behind Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Sucker Punch, Limitless, and the Lincoln Lawyer at #5 in the U.S.A. for the avg. screen box office for the weekend of March 25-27th!

The documentary chronicling the rough and tumble, fire-throwing and brawling Southern wrestling territory from 1950s to the mid-1980s featuring such stars as Sputnik Monroe, Jackie Fargo, Jerry “the King” Lawler, “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant, and “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart.

Owner of the territory and one of the top wrestlers in the Memphis region in the 1970s, Jerry Jarrett was quoted in The Memphis Daily News as saying, “I think they did a great job of catching the magic of that era and putting it on film.” Jerry “the King” Lawler, who attended an advanced screening of Memphis Heat, said that he loved it. Jimmy Hart flew in from Wrestlemania 27 preparations to enjoy a victory lap in the territory where he became the top heel manager in the world.


The Commercial Appeal, John Beifuss: “Memphis Heat is entertaining from the 1st bell to the last.”

The Memphis Flyer’s Chris Davis: “An always entertaining and surprisingly enlightening film.”

Wrestling News Center: “Memphis Heat is entertaining.”