Monday, June 12, 2017

A GOLDEN Opportunity this Saturday night at NWA Mid-South!

"Golden Boy" Greg Anthony has been making his way up the ranks of the National Wrestling Alliance for several years now racking up an impressive list of titles along the way.  Like many wrestlers who grew up fans of the pro wrestling business, "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony has always dreamed of being the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.  This Saturday night June 17th at the Herb Welch WrestlePlex in Dyersburg, Tennessee, Anthony has an opportunity to make that dream a reality!  Granted, many men have had the opportunity to wrestle for the NWA World title...but Anthony is a man in the prime of his wrestling career.  He's been in some big time title situations in the NWA at this point and he knows the pressure that comes along with these big match situations.  In my estimation, there's a ton of great talent in the Mid-South these days but perhaps none are a bigger threat to Tim Storm's NWA World Championship than the "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony.   Name a more qualified challenger than Anthony...go ahead, I'll wait.  Greg Anthony is a former tag team partner of the legendary "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton as 'Midnight Gold' and acquired a wealth of knowledge from the multi-time NWA World Tag Team Champion while they tagged and traveled the roads together.  Greg Anthony has held the NWA Mid-South Championship multiple times, he's held the NWA National Championship multiple times, and far too many other championships to name here.  The time is right, the location is right....this Saturday night in Dyersburg, Tennessee....Greg Anthony has a GOLDEN opportunity to turn his potential into reality and join an elite list of PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS who have held the NWA World Championship!

For more on "Golden Boy' Greg Anthony's career and his path to this coveted NWA World Heavyweight Championship opportunity...check out his interview with Neil Taylor and myself on Locals to Legends Wrestling Radio on the player below in one of our most downloaded podcasts ever!

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